Friday, July 19, 2019

Paragon Of Corruption At Trump Interior Draws Eye Of Congress | Rachel M...

Trump is eviscerating the federal governments ability to enforce the laws and regulations designed to protect you and the public interest. Like Christy Todd Whitman's false declaration that the air was safe to breathe in lower Manhattan, while it was this toxic brew of life threatening substances; Trump is adding to the distrust of government that endangers us all. How can the world not believe that the Boeing crashes, the food infections and other problems that usually plague us and our industries, are not the product of some government created deception, and not just unintentional accidents or other unavoidable, unintended idiosyncratic affairs? Trump is making America worse and worse and the Republicans are unconcerned, lying and blocking oversight. In short, Republicans are saying let America be damned, we're holding onto our offices.

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