Monday, July 15, 2019

Epstein Stories You Won't Find in the News

Although the media tries to treat this as a stand alone matter, completely without precedent and a simple aborent horror type incident.  We have to remember that it was occurring against a national backdrop of pedophile/sex scandals  of catholic priests, Rabbi's and other religious leaders as well as secular cultists and more; who were being discovered to be, or have been victimizing children and other people in their care.

So that is the background against which this extraordinary plea deal was being made.  Worse yet is that we were learning, even then, how pedaphiles were piling up victims, having as many as hundreds over years.  Now, let that sink in for a while, or best yet, go google up past child sex scandals of the 90's and see what was going on in the news while these deals were being fashioned.

It's well known that pedophiles do not operate alone, they share their exploits with a wide network of fellow travelers in the "trade", if you will.  So who would be in his network? Remember Father Bruce Rittler? Who was mysteriously able to raise millions for his runaway charity Covenant House which provided him and his followers with a steady supply of children.
Illuminati Exposed by Bill Schnoebelen I

Could Putin have Trump/Epstein tapes?

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