Saturday, June 8, 2019

The New 'I' Word: Imprisonment | Deadline | MSNBC

Right, but giving unqualified people high security clearances, giving Russians daily briefings and campaign polling data, while welcoming Russian efforts to help them defeat an American challenger, there's nothing wrong with all of that?  Trump is a sad joke who needs to be imprisoned for undermining our nations unity and trying to revoke the U.S. Constitution, you know, that document, which, when observed, protects all of our rights to be free of rampant and idiosyncratic government intrusion and manipulations.  Whoever you may be, my guess is you don't really want the government to have the power to operate death camps, do you?  Well, a government without checks and balances can do whatever it wishes. We knew that when our founding fathers lived under the auspices of the Merry ol' King of England. If you don't know about that, google for it,  I'm sure there's a video on that you can watch, about it.

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