Saturday, June 8, 2019

Representative Rashida Tlaib Unveils Bold New Policy For America's Poor ...

They didn't mind bailouts to big businesses.  Not all people are ambitious or money hungry, there are people who are satisfied just to raise their children and guess what?  The nation needs those people just as much, if not more than anyone else.  Or has anyone noticed that as the costs of living rises the birth rates fall?  That says that most people are responsible and will not bring children into the world unless and until they feel they can live up to the responsibilities it entails.  This happens around the world,  it's not just some strange phenomenon restricted to the U.S..  The fact is that it's always that next generation that produces the most for the nation,  not the one managing things now because they're largely satisfied with the status quo. 

Of course when we did have that old "welfare state", the reality was that no one really wanted to be on welfare, but there were few if any ways off.  Nor should you believe that blacks were the only ones who suffered this problem,  most of the people on welfare were white.  At least blacks had an excuse; they were discriminated against.  Some sociologist needs to illuminate the how and why's of "trailer trash","crackers" and other poor whites, often known only by the pejoratives that followed them.

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