Thursday, June 13, 2019

Donald Trump Unchastened By Russia Scandal, Still Open To Foreign Help |...

If they didn't know their behaviour was wrong, why did they all lie under oath about it?  Why commit a perjury to conceal an innocent matter?  I'll tell you why, there are people on his campaign, who are knowledgeable about campaigns and foreign intelligence.  So, when Trump called out; "Russia, if you're listening...", He was warned that it would be illegal if he received an answer from Russia.  But these are a crime family, they're used to breaking the law and getting away with it.  They lie to banks on loan applications, they issue fraudulent statements all the time.  They mislead clients, cheat customers and defraud investors all t he time, when they are caught they simply settle. So hey, why not take the Russian help, illegal, illsmegal, the Presidency is just too big a plum not to go all out for.  Jr. needs a 1.2 billion dollar loan, Trump himself is dickering for a multi hundred million dollar project in Moscow.  So we'll take that Russian help and simply lie about it later. After all, it's very unlikely that any lawyer or other experienced campaigner would advise or warn Trump about what would be a crime or not, eh?  Campaign lawyers and people just don't do things like that, eh?

I guess that Manafort, being a lawyer, didn't know that the Trump Tower meeting was a crime, and if he did, he told no one about it.  Instead they decided on their own to lie about Russian meetings on their own. Hahaha... Think a jury will believe all that?  I think that the dumbest jury one can impanel, would probably convict on this! Sure the evidence is circumstantial, but this would not be the first time the first time the government won convictions based on circumstantial evidence. I think it's worth a try.

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