Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dem Rep: Mueller Must Testify 'Immediately,' Will Be Subpoenaed | The Be...

Unfortunately impeachment really is a political thing.  "Moral High ground", etc., and other ideological arguments do not hold anymore than there is the consensus sufficient to enforce the law. This is where Germany screwed up.  They continued to observe the law, even as the laws were being used to change what was to be observed.  It was the emotions being driven against any opposition, that allowed Hitler to ignore any laws that should have constrained him and the people were so blind, in favor of their leader, that they simply forgot that they ever had a republic.

Like the civil war before, if we cannot get the Republicans to join in the support of the legal system we have, over the partisan ideals of their leader, then the "tree of liberty", either becomes a blood drinking vampire again, or we become a dictatorship.  When you have a political problem you must employ political means to achieve the goal.  In this case "the goal" is to preserve the republic, not to simply oust the President.  The reason the President must be removed from office is; he no longer supports or observes the U.S. Constitution and will destroy anything that he doesn't like.  We cannot have a president like this and still remain a free country. 

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