Thursday, May 30, 2019

Trump accidentally admitted the truth

No, no, no, why do you guys get it so wrong? Trump and his people were meeting with Russians to get them to help Hillary get elected. They met in Trump tower to have them confirm that they had deep sixed any Clinton  emails they might have found and to see if they could get them to release Trump's Tax returns to help Hillary.  Trump had to lie about it because he was embarrassed to have it known that he was secretly helping Hillary while his supporters were screaming "lock her up".

Trump is trying to keep his tax returns hidden because he's too embarrassed to let his peers in the business know that he has been actually over paying his taxes year after year, after bragging at how he was managing to avoid paying taxes so well.  About those bankrupt casinos, the money was coming in way too fast, in such massive waves of cash he was afraid he was going to tank the economy, so he devised plans to lose as much money as he could as fast as he could.  Bankrupting the casinos only shows just how big a successful businessman he is.  It's not easy to bankrupt casinos.  But despite his best efforts he still was unable to stop women from coming after him, so he had to hire a lawyer to pay women to sign agreements to stay away from him.  He was lucky to have a friend like Pecker, to stop women from publishing torrid love stories about their romances with him.

Nor was he trying to obstruct justice, he was only interested in firing prosecutors because they weren't coming up with hard enough evidence of collusion fast enough.   The plan was to fire the slow pokes and hire people who could dig up real dirt faster.  Instead the plan backfired and Mueller exonerated him. </snark> Hahaha (If you believe any of the above, please leave me your contact information so that I can sell you the rights to scoop up as much gold as you can carry in half and hour, from Fort Knox. Please hurry these rights are going fast!) Hahahaha!

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