Saturday, April 6, 2019

Trumps Own Lawyers Tell Treasury To Ignore Law, Hide Tax Returns | The B...

Trump is so very stupid. He thinks he can use his high office to do whatever it pleases him to do. He appoints syncopants to assist him in violating the letter and intent of the law by changing them as needed.  His lawyers are very slime critters. They should not accept the task of concealing The leader of the free world's influences. He could, for example, be a Russian mole, or a Chinese agent or anything in between. How would we know? He, obviously, is not going to tell us.  It's one thing to represent clients charged with crimes. It is yet another thing entirely to represent a President bent on thwarting the expressed duties of Congressional oversight. Where the President is accused of nothing and no charges are to be levied. But that assurances are, deservedly sought that he is free of undo influenced, to such extent that his actions can be confidently relied upon to be his own.

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