Thursday, April 18, 2019

Three House Judiciary Committee Mem.: Barr Should Cancel Pre-Release Pre...

Do not forget that he has done this trickery before. He got away with it back then because he was trusted. He nolonger deserves anyone's trust. We now know what those slimy Republican Senators already knew before they confirmed him. That he was an untrustworthy pandering political hack who would stop at nothing to fulfil his syncopantic mission. He must be forcefully stopped from doing his thing. Good thing he's a "one trick phony", now he must be held in contempt of Congress for attempting to pull this fraud again.  With this hostile administration refusing to allow the various institutions to perform their duty without undue interference, Congress must keep imprisoning them as they come forward to stand in the way and obstruct the Congressional overs2, the Constitution mandates.

If not, these syncopantic political hacks will screen off the President and create an imperial presidency. I do not believe that anyone, who calls themselves an American, wants an imperial President.

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