Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Julián Castro: Donald Trump Administration 'Sloppiest' On Security Matte...

Okay boys and girls, today it's critical thinking 101 hahaha...

1. There's a prosecutors report that totally clears you of any wrongdoing:

a) Give one good reason why you should refuse to let anyone see it.

b) Give one mediocre reason why no one should be allowed to see it.

b) Give one stupid reason why no one should see it.

Note: If you are having trouble answering you are not qualified to work for Mr. Trump.

I also continue to wonder why anyone believes that WTC steel was shipped off to China. Let's say, for example, you have just committed a crime. Now is your first choice of places to hide the evidence, to place it in the hands of the people in apartment 1B, knowing that they hate your guts?  Of course, after looking at the pictures collected by Dr. Judy Wood, in the day and during the week after, before anything could be removed. There isn't enough material to send a shipload anywhere. Less into the hands of an enemy foreign power. But that's just me.

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