Thursday, April 4, 2019

House Democrats Win The Battle For Mueller Subpoenas, But Will They Win ...

Are we brain dead or do we realize that, with Barr struggling to surpress the negative aspects of the report, if he could have found useable full sentences he would have used them.  What that means is that there were no full sentences that Barr could find to use, that would make the President appear to be innocent. So he was forced to use fragments of sentences so he could truthfully say that he had included some of Mueller's material in his own report.

It will be interesting to see what Barr meant by saying that Mueller "helped or assisted" in Barr's report.  My guess is it means Mueller dropped some papers on Barr's desk or something equally silly.  For sure Barr is not to be trusted. He did everything we expected an untrustworthy person would do.

The Trump Hire List...

Trump is a poor man's
idea of a rich man,

An uneducated man's
idea of a smart man,

A coward's idea of a brave man...

and a gullible fool's
idea of a great President

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