Sunday, April 7, 2019

Donald Trump Retreats On Border Shutdown And Threat To Torch Obamacare |...

Now he's beginning to look like a fool. 😆 In the eyes of his followers, of course. Everyone else, worldwide, has long ago marked him as a fool and even countries run by dictators, thank their lucky stars that he isn't one with them.  Of course, he's so easily played,  dictators realize they would be remiss not to take some advantage of him.  Foreign intelligence services are racing to get golf memberships and rent suites at Mar-a-Lago,  where they can by pass the Secret Service and usual Presidential protections, by scheduling weddings that Donald likes to crash. When asked if foreign intelligence agencies might plan to assinate Trump, they shrink in horror from the idea. Saying that Donald has been so good for them, they would not allow anyone to ruin their immense good fortune to have him in office. Where it use to require a highly skilled and trained apparatus to pry loose America's secrets, they are now routinely handed over in tweets. Hahaha. We can only imagine that his supporters love communism.

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