Saturday, March 30, 2019

Trump Aide Who Cooperated: ‘Bad Things’ Coming In Mueller Report | The B...

American reporters, ha! No Cronkites here, they are running with a newly released document that even Barr has panicked an hastened to say is no "summary" of the Mueller report. So what then is it? It's just worthless spinning written by a Trump syncopant, attempting to please his master.  The report does not say there was no collusion,  the report says what such reports always say:  that they will not draw any conclusions from the evidence they have gathered. They will leave it to Congress to draw conclusions.

You would have to be a very special sort of idiot to think that all these highly skilled and highly trained people, qualified to earn hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars per year, would place their entire lives and reputations in serious jeopardy, by lying to Congress about something that was legal and innocent,  if somewhat objectionable.

Flynn, for example, was a general. Generals, as a rule, do not lie unless it is about something extremely critical and usually not even then.  Generals do not tell needless or casual lies. These kinds of people were lying about things they knew had to be covered up because they were crimes. It was their hope that the locksteppping Republicans would provide enough cover that they would be able to get away with the lies. For a long while it must have seemed like it was working. Then Trump panicked and fired Comey and that set the kettle to boil.

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