Friday, March 29, 2019

Joe: GOP Has Overreached In Calling For Adam Schiff To Resign | Morning ...

Hahaha, just as we thought, the Republicans lunge forward to confirm that they are happy with the white house lying to Congress, they are quite satisfied with candidates seeking help from America's sworn enemies, in the effort to win the election. They can't get enough of a President using his office to put together multimillion dollar deals for himself, at the expense of American foreign policy and national interest.  From corruption to collusion to possible criminal conspiracy and unethical and disgusting behavior Republicans are very happy with it all. 

But, be honest ethical and patriotic and they will demand that you resign and leave office. Boy, are these the kinds of people Americans really want to hold high office?  I have to ask because we have quite a few of just such people leading the country.

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Elaine Burnett said...

How does one declare a resounding - no on social media? Oh, wait, I got it, NO-then VOTE!!