Friday, February 15, 2019

Putin 7 America 0

During the Nixon era they took steps to reign in Presidential powers, as, for the first time they realized they could fall into the hands of a mad man!

So I guess that also rules out Martial Law to stop the election from removing Trump from office. Since a declaration of Martial Law is also a declaration of National Emergency of the highest order.

Well the first round goes to Vladimire Putin for the massive damage he's done to America. Touchdown getting Trump elected and the extra point for:

We lost the goodwill of the people's of the world but Bush beat him to that one. Trump merely added more flourishes and finishing touches by alienating our allies around the world and crippling our intelligence agencies while weakening our military forces and disrupting their moral by denigrating our military heros and deriding their service.

Hiring a former General, against advice to the contrary, who turns out to have been a foreign agent and now stands convicted of having been committing a crime while do so is not a helpful military moral booster either. So the upshot of it all is; we really need to start putting up points on the board and very darned soon.

Trump has had plenty of help in destroying the faith and goodwill of the world's people and people here at home, as a mad man was held in office by partisan ideologues who hypocritically did not even pursue their own stated interests, flawed as it was. So that now the awful spectre of nuclear proliferation is nolonger just desired but required, in a world where America can no longer be trusted to keep mad men's hands off the trigger and out of office too boot.

Mitch will be remembered for not coming to the defense of our nation's law enforcers, without whose work his own office could not function.  He will be remembered for not standing strong for our military and the heros who made the greatest sacrifices for our nation.  He will be remembered for allowing our intelligence agents to be savaged and ignored by a president of questionable stature whom Mitch and the Republicans kept in power despite his dangerous and nationally debilitating failures.

This will be the record the Republicans have created for themselves and that they will have to run on in 2020. Let's hope and pray there are enough good honest Americans, who believe in the Constitution, separation of powers and the wall between church and state,  that we can begin the process of putting our country back on track to being the world's beacon of freedom and individual rights.

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