Wednesday, January 2, 2019

CNN Chris Cuomo 01/01/19 - CNN Breaking News Today Jan 1, 2019

Hold on just a second here, while it is true that merely pursuing a business deal in a foreign country is neither illegal nor "collusion" there is one condition here that's being overlooked in order to make the claim that this was all on the up n up. The fact is that this business deal was in Russia where everything has to pass muster with Putin. So there can be no simple deal, worth millions to boot, without giving Mr. Putin some good and substantial reason to allow it to happen. Therefore, if you are a US Presidential Candidate, and the current President has just issued sanctions against Russia. One must suspect that the candidate would be asked to help Putin with the sanctions, with the tacit, if unspoken understanding, that Trump Tower Moscow would hang in the balance. So it is into this state of affairs we learn that Trump had proposed to give Putin a 50 million dollar penthouse as a gift. Gee, what a generous guy Mr. Trump is, first he arranges to give hundreds of thousands to a couple of women for no good reason, then he plans to give away a 50 million dollar penthouse apartment to a foreign dictator for nothing but friendship. Hahaha tell us another one Mr. Trump. This Presidential administration is going to fill libraries with operas plays, both comedies and dramas and poems. Hahaha

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