Saturday, September 29, 2018

Kavanaugh WAS SHOCKED & STUNNED After Trump Says FBI Probe Into Him Is A...

Another Yale classmate breaks silence: Kavanaugh lied

Trump to UN: Why Don't Poor Countries Give Us Money?

Definitive Proof That Ford Told The Truth

Senator Gives Kavanaugh Vote With One BIG Catch

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Kavanaugh Classmate DISGUSTED With Him

Uh oh things are becoming clearer.

A look at Brett Kavanaugh's Yale years

Jake Tapper fact-checks Trump press conference: Wasn't coherent

So Stupid It's Not Funny: Trump's Crackdown on Legal Immigration: The Da...

Republicans Need Jesus | The Daily Show

Judge Brett Kavanaugh: This Confirmation Process Has Become A 'National ...

Distractions, away from the fact that Republicans always call for FBI investigation when democrats are on the spot. So why not here when their pick would, as they cry,  be cleared?

The answer, of course, is they know for a fact that their man would notbe cleared. They believe he's guilty as sin. That's why they talk talk talk scream and pound on the table.

Brett Kavanaugh Screams About His Innocence

Perhaps he drank too much? My experience is that guys who hang with guys only have terrible trouble handling themselves around girls during their teens.

Guys who have sisters or girlfriends behave better around the opposite sex.  Kavanaugh sounds like one of those guys who goes bonkers around women to show what a big man he is.

Hearing Exposes Brett Kavanaugh Temperament Problem, Credibility Issues ...

They resist him because of his stated belief that the president should be a king, a sovereign who is above the law. We recognize that as a terrible step towards dictatorship.
There's no evidence yet because the Republican controlled committee is terrified of allowing a FBI investigation to happen.

The Republicans do not care about pain etc., all they care about is weather or not they have the votes. If they have the votes no more witnesses will be heard.
There are three more accusers. Will they be heard? Only if they can't confirm.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Trump Holds Crazy Press Conference to Defend Brett Kavanaugh: A Closer Look

New Brett Kavanaugh Allegations Come To Light Ahead Of Dr. Ford Hearing ...

Hoo Boy- there's now a witness number 4 against Herr Kavanaugh. My guess is there are still even more out there and Mr. Avenati knows some of them. Or at least he knows of them. One indication that Kavanaugh was a repeated and prolific offender is in the nature of this fourth claimant.  Where the presence of witnesses did nothing to restrain the inebriated offender.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Avenatti Explains Timing Of 3rd Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Coming Forward |...

Jake Tapper fact-checks Trump press conference: Wasn't coherent

Third woman accuses Kavanaugh of misconduct

Watch Kavanaugh Duck Sexual Questions He Advocated For Clinton | The Bea...

More Sexual Misconduct Accusations Made Against Brett Kavanaugh | Rachel...

'Sexism Manifested In Public' As Claims Are Rejected | Morning Joe | MSNBC

All-Male GOP Committee Hires Woman To Question Kavanaugh Accuser | The B...

Some are suggesting that the Democrats should hire Avenati to question Kavanaugh. Sounds good to me.

Attorney: Republicans Skipped Call With Second Brett Kavanaugh Accuser |...

All-Male GOP Committee Hires Woman To Question Kavanaugh Accuser | The B...

Dem. Sen: GOP Worried About 'Blowing Up' In Kavanaugh Hearing | The Beat...

GOP Plays Chicken With Brett Kavanaugh Nomination | The Last Word | MSNBC

The World Unites In Laughing At Trump

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Michael Avenatti: 'Credible Information' On Alleged Kavanaugh Assault

More Sexual Misconduct Accusations Made Against Brett Kavanaugh | Rachel...

Breaking: President Trump Admin Took Millions From FEMA For ICE Detentio...

Trump brags at UN, crowd laughs

Trump makes a laughingstock of himself and by extension the U.S., for a brief moment he brought the world together in laughing at him.

Man who arranged Trump Tower meeting speaks out

Trump says: "What you rabid dems don't realise is that I never met Manafort, i never had anything to do with a Jared Kushner and I really don't know and never had anything to do with any Donald Trump Junior. So; no collusion. Hahaha 😆

Michael Avenatti Says He’s Representing Key Witness | The Last Word | MSNBC

Hmmm... Curiously, the qustions Avenati wants asked are the same answers Kavanaugh just gave on tv this morning (9/25/2018).

Could it be that the Senators know something and don't want Kavanaugh to give these categoric denials before the committee where they could be crimes if disproved?

I don't know, but my experience tells me this nomination is about to go down in a flaming defeat. I've rarely seen so much shuffling, hedging and backpedaling before, but when it happens it almost invariably signals defeat.

New visa policy could change the way legal immigration works, lawyer says

Monday, September 24, 2018

Fate of Rosenstein, Russia investigation unclear

Donald Trump's conflicts of interest span the globe

Trump's policy agenda is a bigger scandal than his Russia ties

The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it

Why Donald Trump Jr.'s emails change everything

How Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. Were Saved From Indictment

How Donald Trump Got Involved in a Global Fraud | The New Yorker

The Trump-Russia Ties Hiding In Plain Sight | CNBC

Are you wondering why Trump calls it a "Witch Hunt"? Hahaha... Well wonder no more!

Report: Russian Mob Money Helped Build Donald Trump Business Empire | Th...

Okay, here's the "How", the "Why" is already apparent.

Mike Pence Spokesman Squirms On Russia Question | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Joe Takes Stephen Miller 'To School' On Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC

What "Trump administration credibility" are they talking about? The Trump administration lost its credibility before Trump took office. So why is it that some 2000 plus lies later, anyone is discussing the absolutely ridiculous notion that there's still some credibility left?

Cuomo presses Ted Cruz on his name change

China retaliates after US imposes new tariffs on goods

Mueller close to big ending Trump #WarnedonIndicments and Rosenstein re...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

BREAKING: New Poll Numbers for Republicans “Beyond Weak”

New Allegations Against SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh | Kasie DC | MSNBC

Flying the King Air with Tom Clements - Part 2

Flying the King Air with Tom Clements - Part 1

Perhaps this instruction video about flying a twin engine turboprop will help some understand why a person who has had no pilot training,  will not be able to fly any heavy aircraft at all.  This is a light plane, not an airliner.  An airline jet aircraft will be even more complex.

Trump's tweets on Kavanaugh accuser complicate GOP arguments ahead of vote

State Of The Union With Jake Tapper 9/23/18 | CNN Breaking News Trump To...

Knowing how Republicans are wont to go "nuclear" and approve anything they can whenever they can, this agreement to delay can only mean they currently lack the votes they need.  If they get them they'll go forward in a rush. If not then they'll agree to another delay. So that's my opinion.