Monday, March 19, 2018

Understanding Trump

By now you're probably mystified by DJT's presidency, but it isn't that hard to figure at all.  The official story has fallen hard on revised reviews of the evidence (official news videos and other official information releases) which prove to be either untrue or impossible or both.  For example, there's a part of the fuselage of flight 77 that appears on the Pentagon lawn, some time after earlier photos of the area show no such part located there.  However, if that wasn't enough to disqualify this oft cited plane part, the fact remains that it's from the front of the plane that is said to have vaporized on impact, eh?  How can a forward plane part survive and the nearby wings and far back tail go missing?

Ah, it's all just convoluted stupidity.  Planes are torn apart by forces of just 576 lbs/sq.ft.  which is how air pressure under 10k feet resolves at speeds of 500 mph. But the WTC buildings have steel columns backed by reinforced concrete floors, and it takes air pressure of 12,000 tons /sq.ft to damage them.  So it's 576 lb/sq.ft planes against 12,000 ton buildings,  there's no way a plane can do more than "peel the paint" on the WTC.   

So, all eyes must be led away from the failing official story and DJT's presidency fills that bill nicely, wouldn't you say?  There's the universal dislike of the man, the lies he tells, the racism, the sexism the stupidity etc, on and on, an eye catching train wreck continuously unfolding, making it all but impossible to turn away.

Of course, it also means that the people behind 911 also control our votes, hardly a wonder they want to evade discovery and thereby live to do it again.  I would not be surprised if, like tycoons of '29 who failed when the market went south, decided to end themselves.  Only this time they could decide to take us all with them, via a nuclear holocaust they could cause, if people aren't aware of what they're doing and leave them in power to continue doing it.

Good luck to all.