Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Was there life on Mars?

The answer is yes there was. The evidence was missed because it was hidden in plain sight.  But it's there for all to see.  So the only question that remains is: is there still life there? The answer to that is:probably, it is very unlikely that life would not have adapted to the various environments the planet offered. That means the red planet most likely still harbors life.

Another thing is that it is entirely possible that life on earth actually began on Mars. This is because Mars would have been the first planet to become habitable. Possibly a billion years earlier than earth. Of course this all remains to be proven but I have every confidence that it will. At least the part about there having been life on Mars and that there is some still there. There are even good ideas about where life or evidence of it is more likely to be found. But I will leave that for another time.


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