Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Trump Hire List...


a. Carter Page: working with Russians since 2013 (3 years before Trump ran)
- adopted by Trump as an advisor (Charged and under GOP-exposed FISA warrant)

b. Paul Manafort: working for Russians for Ukraine work for 15 years
- adopted by Trump as his Campaign Manager (Guilty and under 2nd case/plea deal)

c. Michael Flynn: working with Russians and foreign governments (e.g. Turkey)
- adopted by Trump as National Security Advisor (Guilty/ co-operating)

d. Papadopoulos: meetings with Russians contradicting his oaths given
- adopted by Trump as campaign Foreign Policy Advisor (Guilty/ co-operating)

e. Felix Sater: quote "I will get Putin in on this, WE will get Donald elected"
- adopted by Trump as election liason (co-operating for global money laundering)

f. Rick Gates: worked with Manafort for 8 years & earned millions for Russian work
- adopted by Trump as senior deputy campaign official (pled guilty/ co-operating)

g. Wilbur Ross: led private bailout of Bank of Cyprus, haven for Russian oligarchs
- repeatedly failed to disclose Russian financial interests & ties in hearings
- adopted by Trump as US Commerce Secretary (refuses to answer any queries)

h. Jeff Sessions: Forgot meetings with Russian ambassador/ remembered them
- adopted by Trump as US att. general (1st Republican to back Trump election)
- dismissed by Trump after repeatedly reprimanded for not stopping Russia case

i. Jared Kushner: Forgot meetings with Russians then remembered them
- adopted by Trump as son-in-law (£1 Billion in debt & Russian back channels)

j. Don Junior: Forgot meeting with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya then remembered it
- adopted by Trump as son (released emails detailing agenda and parties involved)

k. Rex Tillerson: given Russia friendship medal by Putin, previous Russia/Exxon deals
- adopted by Trump as US State Sec. (was director of Bahama US-Russia oil firm)

l. Betsy Devos: brother Erik met a “high level Russian close to Putin” on 11 Jan '17
- he attempted to set up back channels between Donald Trump and Putin
- adopted by Trump as US Education Secretary (she 'denies' any knowledge of meeting)

m. Hope Hicks : Close aide, involved in Don Junior Russian meeting excuse email
- adopted by Trump as comms director (quit right after Sen. Int. Committee interview)

n. Sam Nunberg: triggered by Russian-based questions from past Mueller interviews
- adopted by Trump as election advisor (initially refused to accept Mueller subpeona)

o. Roger Stone: denied having any advance knowledge of the Podesta email hack
- disputes any connection to Russian intelligence or Podesta's brothers Russian links
- adopted by Trump as election advisor (under focus by Mueller via other interviews)

p. Corey Lewandowski: has reversed previous denials about Carter Page's Russia visit
- adopted by Trump as campaign manager (still under questioning by committee)

q. Michael Caputo: worked in Gazprom Media, Ukraine, was Putin's PR in the US
- adopted by Trump as Campaign Adviser (investigated by House Intel Committee)

r. Michael Cohen: subpoenaed to provide info/  testimony on Russian Kremlin links
- adopted by Trump as his personal lawyer (under investigation and possible plea deals)

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