Friday, December 28, 2018

Collusion Mystery: Why Mueller And NY Feds Differ On Key Witness | The B...

Trump lives in a world of wild and weird imaginings and hallucinations. The public is not used to having an unstable person as the President so his wild mood swings are dismissed as some sort of genius. Thus his bipolarity goes unrecognized even as disconcerting as it may be. Historically bipolar leaders have not only been tolerated but they have been allowed to destroy the nation's they ruled. Apparently American government isn't so modern that it can deal with a lunatic leader any better than could governments 2,000 years in the past. You would think that by this time we would be able to quickly identify a bipolar person with a host of horrible personality disorders, and quickly shuttle him off to the funny farm where he belongs, but no, like "Little Boots" before him, he does the equivalent of sending troops to the beaches to gather seashells while the enemy regains its strength. "Little Rocket man" has already out gamed our dear leader, Putin has and still is getting big peices out. It will be a while before all losses show their ugly heads. But even so we can say we are in big big trouble that gets even worse every day.

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