Thursday, July 12, 2018

Macron Denies Trump Claim That NATO Allies Agreed to Increase Spending Beyond Goals

President Donald Trump on Thursday said NATO allies agreed to “substantially up their commitment” to the alliance after he told leaders he was “extremely unhappy.”
“Tremendous progress has been made. Everyone’s agreed to substantially up their commitment. They’re going to up it at levels that they’ve never thought of before,” Trump said at his press conference in Brussels.
“Commitments were made,” he said. “The commitment was at 2 percent, ultimately that’ll be going up quite a bit higher than that.”
French President Emmanuel Macron denied that any NATO members had agreed to boost contributions beyond 2 percent GDP.
“There is a communique that was published yesterday. It’s very detailed,” Macron said, per the Associated Press. “It confirms the goal of 2 percent by 2024. That’s all.”
Macron also denied reports that Trump had threatened to withdraw from the NATO alliance.
“President Trump never at any moment, either in public or in private, threatened to withdraw from  READ MORE

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