Friday, September 15, 2017

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory - YouTube

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory - YouTube

The trouble is many people know that, knowing the truth about things is crippling.   Your boss lies to you but you don't think of him as a liar, that would make it almost  impossible to work for him or her.  So, instead, you think of their lies as strategic  assertions, not done for the purpose of misleading anyone, but simply as a strategy  or strategic move to gain the upper hand position they require to get the program  done.  As an employee, you welcome anything that helps get the work done, the  project completed on time etc.,  so you know that a focus on the truth of a matter  would undermine the effort.

So, then, when John pops up and says: "Regulation 509b paragraph 5 prohibits  this.", and the boss slaps back: "That doesn't apply here!" , you don't go look up the  regulation to determine the truth for yourself,  because that would cripple you, so you  accept it and move on, let someone else deal with that issue when the time comes.  If  someone happens to catch it, the company lawyers will spend some time in court,  and/or some settlement will be reached, usually with no one having to admit any  fault.  Astute bosses and some employees know this and so they've learned and  trained themselves to accept lies and move on.

In the years after 911 I had the occasion to talk with a professor and ask why building  7 came down, I got an earful of unlikely reasons.  I didn't argue the point because I  knew the professors entire career depended on him or her, not paying any attention  to either the truth or the details, to keep their status quo they decided to accept the  official story and move on. I understood that by pressing the issue, I would only  damage this person, to no good effect, since the truth would never be admitted to  officially for, perhaps, decades.  Only when people reach their "safe space" like  retired,  can they bother to get into the details,  otherwise it's just too dangerous a  thing to do.  Loss of their job, held up to ridicule would badly damage the life they  had struggled so hard to build.  While knowing the truth would make them feel  cowardly and bring on severe psychological dilemma,  with no immediate prospect of  benefit.  Best they remain blissfully ignorant and simply accept the official story and  move on, as if none of it mattered,  because for them it really doesn't. 

Taking the long, historical view, I can only hope that these people realize that, even  while they accept the official line,  they realize that there is likely something very fishy  about it,  and cast their votes accordingly.  Remember, the jury is still out on Nero  burning Rome and that happened over a thousand years ago.  So, try to be kind and  patient when discussing 911, there are many real and immediate barriers to getting  people to even look at the matter.

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