Monday, July 3, 2017

Dr. Judy Woods is probably right

When I was in school our professor drew an atom with an electron at the center and the proton whirling around it. Then he grieved over the classes low testing grades. I tried to help by gently correcting him in subtle ways, as if he merely had misspoke and knew the error all along. He got steaming mad at me, nor did it help that I was scoring 100% on each test. Instead of seeking my assistance, since I was obviously displaying much knowledge of the subject, he instead surrounded me with spies in an effort to catch me cheating on, what ware ridiculously simple tests. Finally, one day, he'd had enough and he challenged me to tutor some classmates, he assigned me the worst scoring ones, probably thinking I'd fail and that would assuage his ego. Well, instead of trying to teach them the subject, I merely showed them that, if they had enough information, Then using critical thinking they could reason out the answers for themselves.
Soon they too were scoring extremely high and professor got even more angry at me.

This is not a fluke, the world of academics and sciences one and all, become filled with "stuffed shirts", People who seek to hold their laurels by attacking and subverting anything they see as a challenge to their glory. A stuffed shirt insisted that Faraday withdraw his paper, while another stuffed shirt actually drank a vial of anthrax to prove the discovery wrong. An article I read several months ago, waxed ebullient over finding that plants had once grown on Antarctica 20 million years ago. When I pointed out that continental drift, due to plate tectonics, amounted to around 2.5 to as much as 5 centimeters per year and that distance times 20 million means the continent would have been thousands of kilometers away from where it is now, I was served with a tart reply and my posting privileges were blocked.

Watson and Crick stole a woman's crystallography work, used it to map the double helix of dna, then demonized her incessantly at every turn. History is rife with such material. Which is why I take any naysayers rants with a huge boulder of salt. Dr. Judy Woods may not have everything right, but the evidence sure suggests she's very likely looking in the right direction. Tracking the falling debris, I see the dust in the wake of the paces, pulsing. If you watch closely you will see the rippling effect of increase/decrease in the wake. To do that the item has to be emitting as it goes, because that is the only way to achieve such an effect. This is not a feature of explosives. Something else was happening. After you've tallied up all the missing material that should be there but isn't, do not forget to add the two massive hat trusses that vanished without a trace.

Have you ever watched closely as a car goes through a long puddle?  If you do, you'll notice the water doesn't come up in an even sheet, instead it has these ripples in it. What the water is doing is amplifying the "knock" of each piston firing as they move tthe car along.  You won't see such a patter when an electric car goes through the same puddle. So too, the debris from the tower is emitting in pulses and the smoke trailing in it's wake is amplifying that increase/decrease in emissions. 

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