Sunday, May 14, 2017


Quite sometime back I posited that Russia needed Putin.  Boy, you have no idea how right I was (even I had no idea I could have been so right).

In this age, unlike the past, we don't have dictators who are quite as absolute as they once were,  now what we have are "Managing Dictators".  A new breed of dictators who, are either forced, or are aware that they have to do more than merely disadvantage their adversaries to stay in power.  They have economies, infrastructure and social order that they must stay on top of, as well as manage the nations foreign affairs.  

Putin knows, from his days as a successful bureaucrat, that no one person can do it all by them self. Having to preside over ceremonies and such takes much valuable time away from such tasks.  He has to rely on others to read, collate and analyze data and present him with briefs with which to formulate a picture of his world views.  Thus dictatorshiping isn't what it used to be, it's a lot of hard work if one is to get it right. 

Unfortunately we live in a world shrouded under a nuclear cloud, and that demands that, if the race is to survive, hopefully some sane person is watching and making timely moves to avert such disaster.  You cannot wait until, as happened in yesteryears, to hope to win negotiations, filled with ultimatums, while at the very brink of apocalypse.  You have to work smart and stay well ahead of the game. So, Putin's cleverly contrived machinations have pushed any conflict date quite a bit farther into the future than those seeking to end the world (and there are such people) are happy with.

While the official 911 story was in headlong collapse, we suddenly find America headed by a grossly unqualified leader, taking all eyes away from 911.  The appointment of Generals to top civilian positions was terribly troubling, since Generals are steeped in belligerency.  Their main means of "conflict resolution/negotiations" is to reach for ever more manpower and heavier weapons, even while history shows that these things have never worked. But, they're not to be faulted for that, it's simply what Generals are trained to do.

This country is going through a massive upheaval, not by those who would welcome war, but by those who would privatize the state and turn everything into a profit center, from libraries and schools to prisons and even the court system,  the quest for profits would become the rule.  Obviously that's not going to work, nor can we hand the country over to "the job creators", because they will not create jobs if we do.  Well, we have quite a bit of thrashing it out to perform before we get back on track, if we can do it. But it was good to see that somebody had the worlds back.


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