Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump Outs Israel As Source Of Intel As Netanyahu Watches | Crooks and Liars

Trump Outs Israel As Source Of Intel As Netanyahu Watches | Crooks and Liars

That speech to the Arabs was sheer stupidity.

While the talk of
Islamic and Muslim fundamentalist/extremist plays well at home, try to
imagine yourself as a Arabian member of Islam, you hear that speech with
a different ear. Over and over again he's calling Muslims and
followers of Islam a source of terrorism, using 'extremists and
fundamentalists" to say "present company excluded",

I'll bet some of
them are thinking that they believe in fundamental Islam and some even
excuse some of Islams extreme views. But then, you can be a fundamental
Islamist and still not be a terrorist, so in reality his speech
doesn't work and only serves antagonize some very powerful people who
probably don't appreciate hearing those words being mixed and pushed at
them over and over again in a cyclical speech by a man with no foreign
relation credentials.

Worse yet, the growing public awareness of false
flag attacks being used to manipulate public opinion, and much of these
claims of Islamic terrorism is thrown into question, since they are
founded on very flimsy evidence, if any evidence exists at all in many
cases. But, they sat quietly and respectfully because this was the most
dangerous man on earth speaking.

Next it's off to Israel to
deregulate the U.S. Israeli alliance, hoo boy! Israel cannot be happy
with this bit of deregulation of the sacred intelligence protocols,
because it removes the protections they had relied upon. See how
deregulation works? Remove regulations that protect the public by
prohibiting bad practices and hope that the honor system works, what
could go wrong, eh?

Well, enjoy the rest of this trash dance!

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