Saturday, May 20, 2017

HUMINT? – In Saner Thought

HUMINT? – In Saner Thought

Just like Republicans, always changing things without any real thought of the consequences, just to oppose the other side, that's their only strategy and it sucks big time.  They cannot do a better job because they don't think or read deeply into things, if they read into them at all.  To bad that Americans allow themselves to be played by emotional fare, simply because to do anything else is way too complex for them.

While most people prefer to simply place their trust in gov't pros to do the right thing on their behalf, they don't look at the failures and realize these things happen because someone is being played.  Remember, having the biggest and best military on earth also makes us the worlds greatest potential source of danger on earth. So, you have to think of what that means to  the rest of the world. If you are not an American you have a few choices:
1. You can try to work your way under the U.S. military umbrella.
2. You can try to defeat U.S. objectives/programs etc..
3. You can try to ignore all and just stay focused on your own nations problems.

Obviously no. 3 isn't a very good choice, most especially if you have marketable resources. Which means that most of the world is going to gravitate towards choices 1 or 2. Both of which involve maintaining their own covert intelligence and counter intelligence ops. When these succeed, U.S. intelligence fails. So we don't have a choice of ignoring our own intelligence failures.  Even while our own politicians try to cover up failures for political reasons. The more they do that, and the more we simply go along, the more at risk we are of further failures.

And it gets worse!  While programs for social stability are offered, like "entitlements" etc., are intended to keep the nation together, the resistance is keeping us divided, which portends great opportunities for our adversaries to advance.  So, when you hear of legislation attacking blacks, Indians, Muslims, Mexicans, Immigrants etc., you are hearing exactly what our enemies love to hear because that increases their opportunities to defeat us, because they will face a nation divided. You simply cannot have it both ways.   Enough said for now.

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