Saturday, March 18, 2017

Life of the World Trade Center

So, the video I posted this comment to has been obliterated account and all. 

Let's assume that there were 25 floor trusses on each side of each building. So, 25 X 4 sides is 100 per floor, times 110 floors for each tower is 1100 floor trusses per tower or 2200 floor trusses. Whenever you look at pictures of the towers in the hours after the "collapse", try to find the mangled remains of the 2200 floor trusses. 

The thing is, the experts say that when buildings are demolished, the remaining debris pile should be 14% of the buildings original height. But stop and think about this for a minute. When buildings are destroyed by controlled demolition, all furniture and equipment has been removed. Since that was not the case with the towers, the debris pile should be much higher. 

Trusses, floor pans with concrete slabs on them, with file cabinets, reception desks, tables, chairs, office desks, computers and video screens, commercial office copiers, servers and server cabinets, elevator doors and cables as well as the machinery on the various maintenance and utility floors, cabinets and areas, housing elevator and escalator motors, ventilator fans and motors, electrical transformers and equipment, hundreds of miles of wiring and electrical cables, water plumbing and sewer pipes.  

Ventilation duct work safes and security cameras, the list goes on and on. A collapsing building would crush all these things, but they would still be present. Instead, we look at the debris pile and we don't see a water pipe, a file cabinet, an elevator or escalator motor. The only way for these items to vanish is for them to have been disintegrated into very tiny pieces. Gravity alone cannot do that, most especially if all the energy of a gravity driven collapse is being channeled into making the building fall at next to free fall speed. Because being even close to free fall speed means, there is nothing resisting the fall. 

If there is anything at all, providing resistance to the building falling, the rate of the fall has to slow down. So, what happened to the contents of the buildings? Even if the structural components had failed, the contents of the buildings, floor trusses, elevator doors, electrical equipment and such, would have provided resistance and as part of the resultant debris pile would have left a pile more than 14 stories high. 

The "Debunkers" can say whatever they want, but when it comes to the details of what was destroyed and how that can possibly be, they can have no serious answers.


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