Wednesday, March 22, 2017

9/11 DECEPTION: End Game - March 18 2017

There is a problem here with this compilation, I have to take issue with the holocaust denial, which I do believe did occur. There are, however, many reasons why people are convinced it could be a fraud, without being anti Semitic. I've viewed some of the holocaust denial material and I must say that much of it is very cleverly constructed.  Such that a novice or other person unfamiliar with the details of Nazi Germany, could easily be convinced that something so horrific could not be undertaken on such an enormous scale.  

I, however, require a much higher standard of evidence than merely cleverly constructed arguments.  If any such arguments are to be true we should see concomitant physical evidence to bear out the narratives.

To make a simple case for example: We see large numbers of people being put on board trains and we have reports of same.  We see the logistics for the transport of large numbers of people to destinations claimed to be the death camps so we know where these large numbers of people were taken.

Now, for the denial stories to be true, we would have to believe that these large numbers of people were not killed there.  But where are the logistics for them to have left?  There are none.  There are no reports of trains coming to take them away from the camps, nor are there any reports of any exodus on foot. There are no logistics for any large numbers of people ever leaving these camps, except by mass graves and crematoria.  Regardless of how cleverly designed any denial arguments might be, they are not supported by physical evidence. Otherwise, these people should have continued their existence and the reports and tales of their continuing trials and travails should have continued to be present and their reports should have grown larger and larger over time. Instead they terminate at the camp sites.  While this could be true of just a few hundred people, it is impossible with many thousands, let alone millions.  Mr. Easton seems a good egg, so I'll just put this down to him being emotionally overwhelmed and distraught at the entire systems of reporting to the extent that he's has become subject to over reaching without checking much outside of 911 very thoroughly. In an emotional state of flux, it's very easy to fall prey to cleverly designed argument and the holocaust denial movement has cleverly designed constructs in spades.

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