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Stephen Colbert Nails Trump's Most Horrifying Admission This Week @alternet

Stephen Colbert Nails Trump's Most Horrifying Admission This Week @alternet: 'Has anyone tried putting a resignation letter in front of him?'

If we've learned anything from Trump's first 100 days in office, it's that he likes to sign things, even if he's not entirely certain what he's signing.

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State Legislatures and ALEC: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Civil Forfeiture: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Predatory Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Municipal Violations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Drones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Nuclear Weapons: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

9/11 Time For Truth - Redux (2017)

9/11 DECEPTION - PURE MADNESS - By James Easton Jan 9th 2017 2hr

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Fear Grows as Armed Trump Supporters Escalate Threats Against Progressives @alternet

Fear Grows as Armed Trump Supporters Escalate Threats Against Progressives @alternet: 'There are a bunch of people on the Internet who are waiting for someone to tell them it’s okay to start shooting at you.' Afriend writes, “For basically the past six months or so I’ve been trying to tell my lefty friends in so many words, ‘Hey, there are a bunch of people on the Internet who are waiting for someone to tell them it’s okay to start shooting at you.’” He became concerned when a thread at the non-political firearms-enthusiasts website he regularly follows became filled with comments in all caps referring to liberals as enemies who must be shot. Developments both online and off following Donald Trump’s election have caused me to share his concern.

Fear Grows as Armed Trump Supporters Escalate Threats Against Progressives | Alternet

Fear Grows as Armed Trump Supporters Escalate Threats Against Progressives | Alternet

Sweeping change at DOJ under Sessions | We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Sweeping change at DOJ under Sessions | We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

15 most useful courses you can take online for free

15 most useful courses you can take online for free

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A Harsh Dose of Electoral Reality: Democrats Have Uphill Battle in '18 and Need to Elect Governors to Fight Gerrymandered GOP Monopoly @alternet

A Harsh Dose of Electoral Reality: Democrats Have Uphill Battle in '18 and Need to Elect Governors to Fight Gerrymandered GOP Monopoly @alternet: The Dems failed so badly during the Obama years, it may be a long time before they break the GOP lock in many states. Since President Donald Trump and the GOP-led Congress took office, Democrats are taking to the streets to defend women’s rights, immigrants and Obamacare, and thousands are contacting party officials and progressive groups to explore running for state and federal office in 2018. But do these would-be candidates, fired-up grassroots groups and energized party officials know how steep and difficult their climb back into power will be?

Unbelievable: One Chicago Cop Accused of Framing 51 People for Murder @alternet

Unbelievable: One Chicago Cop Accused of Framing 51 People for Murder @alternet: Guevara was granted impunity by the system, while the people he allegedly framed are still locked up. Horrific acts of Chicago Police Department brutality, from killings to racial profiling to harassment of youth, do not spring from a few bad apples alone.

America Has Become a War Machine—and It Has Destroyed Our Ability to Function as a Democracy @alternet

America Has Become a War Machine—and It Has Destroyed Our Ability to Function as a Democracy @alternet: “Violence abroad breeds violence at home. On successive days recently, I saw two museum shows that caught something of a lost American world and seemed eerily relevant in the Age of Trump.  The first, “Hippie Modernism,” an exploration of the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s (heavy on psychedelic posters), was appropriately enough at the Berkeley Art Museum.  To my surprise, it also included a few artifacts from a movement crucial to my own not-especially-countercultural version of those years: the vast&n

Mania, Depression, Psychosis, Oh My! A Whirlwind Tour Through the Episodes of Bipolar Disorder @alternet

Mania, Depression, Psychosis, Oh My! A Whirlwind Tour Through the Episodes of Bipolar Disorder @alternet: Going skydiving because you think it’s cool is normal. Going skydiving because you temporarily believe you’re an invincible god is not normal. The following is an excerpt from the new book Welcome to the Jungle, Revised Edition: Facing Bipolar Without Freaking Out by Hilary Smith (Conari Press, March 2017):

Media Fakery and the Distortion of History

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Trump, Israel & 9/11

9/11 truth would lead to civil war in US

The plan was to seize U.S. military superiority by removing citizen protections against government control, so that America could then be used as a power center for the takeover of the world.  Instead they have destroyed America and ruined the society that produced the military might they were seeking to use. Although they may still succeed in the take over, the peace and tranquility they hoped to enjoy will be totally gone.

Statesmen know that governing is the art of formulating rules that allow people to work together and enjoy the fruits of their labor, rulers, however, do not care about the people's plight and seek only to control everything.  This ruins the economy and makes it everyone for themselves. This paradigm has to be either stopped or suffered.

Lawyers for 911 Truth


Declassifying the Truth 2015 “The Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry”

Justice For 911Truth _ Lawyers For 911 Truth

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Jim Fetzer/Steve De'ak - "The Real Deal" How were the gashes in the Twin...


Here's a screen capture from this video taken at 9:04 a full minute after that plane has supposedly crashed into the south tower.  You'd expect these people would be stopped, standing and gawking at the huge fireball right?  But they're not, they're just ambling along as though there's nothing happening.  There's only one guy rushing and two standing facing the towers but not looking up. It appears this scene was staged and filmed before anything actually happened.  Thus it looks more like a composite/green screen than of a crowd, when a plane has just crashed overhead and created this huge expanding fireball.  I'm pretty sure you wouldn't feel comfortable standing under something like that.


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David Ray Griffin Best Evidence of Truth on 9-11

No Planes on 9/11 - Documentary


Once again from the top.  If you are vexed by people who say there were planes/drones or missiles, here it is again.  Copy and save this to your notepad or other text file app and paste it as a reply whenever you see the need.  Better yet, copy the url here and paste that so they can come here an get an eyeful.

A rabbit is pulled from a hat, a woman is sawed in half, a bird materializes under a handkerchief...  How do you know that these are illusions created by trickery, and not things that really could happen?  Because the science of the real world precludes these things from happening for real, so you know they have got to be tricks.  The lady sawed in half does not leave a pool of blood on the floor, as she must if really cut in two.  That exposes it as an illusion.  So, circumstantial evidence of planes,  without any physical evidence of them, tells you that it is an illusion.  If you are able to believe that some 400 tons of aircraft, each with 2 million parts,  could vaporize, disappear or otherwise be absent at the scene of 4 crash sites,  then you are thinking like a child with little real world experience.  Sweeping away what could not possibly have happened, reveals that what's being presented is the result of trickery. 

 Let's try to think like the planners.  They knew the results of this plan would be a high profile event.  Meaning that it would be seen by lots of people from many different angles.  While that doesn't mean that they cannot fudge some parts of it,  any fudging would have to be so small and go by so quickly, that the artifact(s) it presented would be easy to either dismiss or confuse.

On the side of the planners is the trauma and grief the masses will experience, which will almost totally consume them and prevent them from being willing to even look at any evidence or critically analyze any theory.  Thus you will be stuck and will stay with the more "comfortable" story that outsiders (terrorist) did this,  rather than people inside the gov't or that it might be the covert operation of an ally.  That grief and trauma makes it easier to dismiss claims of culpability by anyone other than the accused terrorists, than to accept that you are being tricked by some carefully crafted plan by "insiders".  

Okay, so with the above in mind,  let's look at the elements the planners needed to cover.  First, since they plan to claim that the towers collapsed as a result of planes crashing into them,  they need to know if planes, crashing into buildings can do such a thing.  Any physicist, worth his/her salt, will look at the strengths of the materials involved and the energies available to easily figure out that the plane crashes would do minimal damage to the buildings,  let alone fail to bring them down. Didn't the people who designed the building say that planes would cause minimal damage? Then that would have been the best information the planners had go go with.

Thus, the planners quickly realize that, to achieve the results they desire -- that crashing planes did massive damage to the buildings and started large internal fires,  they would have to plant explosives inside the buildings,  otherwise the mission would fail.  But then there are four problems that come with planting explosives inside the buildings.  

1.  You've got select an impact site for each building.

2.  You've got to use explosives to augment these impact sites.

3. The buildings collapse initiation has to align with the aircraft impact sites. 

4. Timing: If the impacts come too early or late, again the use of explosive charges is exposed.

If they fail to cover these four points the event fails to be believable.  If the impact creates too little damage, the event will not be believable.  If the aircraft do not hit the augmentation points exactly,  the use of explosives inside the buildings becomes apparent and finally if the collapse initiation does not begin at the impact level,  the use of explosives is exhibited again.

Now let's have a look at the "weapons of choice".  The first choice would be to use real aircraft.  But using real aircraft has too many uncontrollable problems.  You cannot guarantee they will take off in time to meet any schedule,  thus an operator would have to be assigned and trained to trigger the explosives at the exact time of the impact.  But real people are unreliable,  they itch, they sneeze, they have spasms.  They get distracted and are sometimes slower or quicker to react than they should be.  Could anyone really trust such a sensitive situation to the ministrations of a real person?  Where even a split second too soon or too late would create massive, unmask-able problems.

The aircraft too have idiosyncratic and phenomometric problems beyond the control of the pilots.  Equipment can fail and scrub the flight, the vagaries of atmospheric anomalies, wind gusts, barometric inconsistencies tend to make flight times and target acquisition unpredictable,  not to mention bird strikes.

Then there's the human factor.  Even people avowedly disposed to commit suicide in theory cannot always be relied upon to follow through in real life. A moment of indecision would be all it takes to ruin the entire plan. Worse yet, you have a goodly number of people on board the aircraft, hijackers included, anyone of whom could either intentionally or inadvertently interfere with the plan.

The problem of accurately hitting a targeted point on a building with either a missile or drone is off the scales, since their accuracy, under the best of conditions would be 50 feet plus or minus,  far too wide a margin for an exercise of this type. While drones can be controlled precisely enough for take offs and landings,  you have to remember that these occur at very low speeds, not at 400 and 500 mph.

So the planners face the problem of using a cgi, which can meet all of the above required criteria.  So there's only one problem left: The eyewitnesses. To deal with the eyewitnesses who may say they did not see any planes,  you simply get your cgi film on tv,  by having a switch thrown in the stations control rooms.  The newscasters are not going to question what is being shown on their own stations monitors.  So, while there are a few people who did not see planes while standing there on the streets,  they have no one to talk to, while the media is "informing" millions of people in the seconds and hours after the events.  Having planted "eyewitnesses" out on the street goes a long way towards confusing and drowning out anyone who says they did not see a plane,  because most people will feel they must be mistaken or otherwise in error. 

To be sure, if there were planes,  people on the street would not say "I didn't see any plane",  they would say "I didn't see THE PLANE",  there's a big difference.  One says that they believe there was a plane that they didn't see, while the other statement says that they were looking and did not see one.  Finally, if there were real planes then nobody would say there were none,  only that they didn't see any, but not that there weren't any.  Many of the people who claimed to have seen the aircraft were discovered on later questioning,  to have had no vantage point from which they could have seen the aircraft.  

Then there's the matter of sounds that jet aircraft make, with the engines open full bore, there should have been a deafening sound reverberating through the area, and unmistakable earsplitting roar of a jet at less than 1,000 feet above ground.  The sounds heard in the amateur videos is inconsistent with the capture of a real jet aircraft, from video to video the sounds are different.  That should not be the case. As they are all supposedly recording the same event.

So, the only way we have to sort through the confusion is, to look at the video of the impacts.  We see the aircraft slicing it's way completely into the building from wing tip to wing tip, with nothing breaking off and no damage being done to the facade of the building.  Wings, carrying fuel, in real crashes, explode immediately on impact, yet we don't see that in the videos.  There are no wake vortexes in the smoke and fire of the impacts, which shows that no aircraft has moved through that airspace. 

So, even while there are people claiming to have seen planes, the hard evidence of there having been planes is absent.  The hard evidence of there having been hijackers is absent.  Instead there is only highly questionable "evidence" of passengers, crew, planes and skyjackers.  Cell phone calls that could not have been made. Black box data that does not support the official narrative of the events.  Before flight 77 took off, as shown on the data recorder, Pilots for 911 Truth, who analyzed the data, discovered that the cockpit door was closed and never opened again.  So, how could hijackers have entered the cockpit?  If the door detection switch had failed the error would have either shown the error or shown the door opened.  It remained closed from takeoff to impact.

The only conclusion that sufficiently and credibly answers all of these anomalies is that there were no plane crashed on 911.

Here's the url for this page:

Feel free to distribute it wherever it's needed.

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One of the Best Truth Bomb Lectures You've EVER Seen

How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media

The War on Islam: 9/11 Revisited, Uncovered & Exposed

9/11 DECEPTION: End Game - March 18 2017

There is a problem here with this compilation, I have to take issue with the holocaust denial, which I do believe did occur. There are, however, many reasons why people are convinced it could be a fraud, without being anti Semitic. I've viewed some of the holocaust denial material and I must say that much of it is very cleverly constructed.  Such that a novice or other person unfamiliar with the details of Nazi Germany, could easily be convinced that something so horrific could not be undertaken on such an enormous scale.  

I, however, require a much higher standard of evidence than merely cleverly constructed arguments.  If any such arguments are to be true we should see concomitant physical evidence to bear out the narratives.

To make a simple case for example: We see large numbers of people being put on board trains and we have reports of same.  We see the logistics for the transport of large numbers of people to destinations claimed to be the death camps so we know where these large numbers of people were taken.

Now, for the denial stories to be true, we would have to believe that these large numbers of people were not killed there.  But where are the logistics for them to have left?  There are none.  There are no reports of trains coming to take them away from the camps, nor are there any reports of any exodus on foot. There are no logistics for any large numbers of people ever leaving these camps, except by mass graves and crematoria.  Regardless of how cleverly designed any denial arguments might be, they are not supported by physical evidence. Otherwise, these people should have continued their existence and the reports and tales of their continuing trials and travails should have continued to be present and their reports should have grown larger and larger over time. Instead they terminate at the camp sites.  While this could be true of just a few hundred people, it is impossible with many thousands, let alone millions.  Mr. Easton seems a good egg, so I'll just put this down to him being emotionally overwhelmed and distraught at the entire systems of reporting to the extent that he's has become subject to over reaching without checking much outside of 911 very thoroughly. In an emotional state of flux, it's very easy to fall prey to cleverly designed argument and the holocaust denial movement has cleverly designed constructs in spades.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Life of the World Trade Center

So, the video I posted this comment to has been obliterated account and all. 

Let's assume that there were 25 floor trusses on each side of each building. So, 25 X 4 sides is 100 per floor, times 110 floors for each tower is 1100 floor trusses per tower or 2200 floor trusses. Whenever you look at pictures of the towers in the hours after the "collapse", try to find the mangled remains of the 2200 floor trusses. 

The thing is, the experts say that when buildings are demolished, the remaining debris pile should be 14% of the buildings original height. But stop and think about this for a minute. When buildings are destroyed by controlled demolition, all furniture and equipment has been removed. Since that was not the case with the towers, the debris pile should be much higher. 

Trusses, floor pans with concrete slabs on them, with file cabinets, reception desks, tables, chairs, office desks, computers and video screens, commercial office copiers, servers and server cabinets, elevator doors and cables as well as the machinery on the various maintenance and utility floors, cabinets and areas, housing elevator and escalator motors, ventilator fans and motors, electrical transformers and equipment, hundreds of miles of wiring and electrical cables, water plumbing and sewer pipes.  

Ventilation duct work safes and security cameras, the list goes on and on. A collapsing building would crush all these things, but they would still be present. Instead, we look at the debris pile and we don't see a water pipe, a file cabinet, an elevator or escalator motor. The only way for these items to vanish is for them to have been disintegrated into very tiny pieces. Gravity alone cannot do that, most especially if all the energy of a gravity driven collapse is being channeled into making the building fall at next to free fall speed. Because being even close to free fall speed means, there is nothing resisting the fall. 

If there is anything at all, providing resistance to the building falling, the rate of the fall has to slow down. So, what happened to the contents of the buildings? Even if the structural components had failed, the contents of the buildings, floor trusses, elevator doors, electrical equipment and such, would have provided resistance and as part of the resultant debris pile would have left a pile more than 14 stories high. 

The "Debunkers" can say whatever they want, but when it comes to the details of what was destroyed and how that can possibly be, they can have no serious answers.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Why they could not use real planes

They could not use real planes on 911, because,  in the planning stages any use of real planes presented real and insurmountable problems.  

Just try to imagine the planning session.  The narrative will be that terrorist skyjackers,  sent by OBL would takeover jets, fly them to the targets then crash them.  

Problem:  Jet crashes would not take down the buildings.

Solution: Load the buildings with explosives sufficient to demolish them.

Problem: With the buildings loaded with explosives, both planes must impact the towers and cause maximum damage, such that it is believable that the crashes, not the planted explosives, cause the buildings to fall.

Problem: Real people, even suicidal terrorists are unpredictable.  They might not accomplish their tasks for a wide variety of reasons, many of which are not under anyone's control.  Loss of nerve, bird strikes, equipment failures, passenger revolt/intervention, failure to overcome the flight crew, just to name a few.  If even one plane did not strike it's target, or if both planes struck the targets but so obliquely that minimal damage was done, the entire operation is exposed to failure.

Solution: Fake the use of planes then fake the required impacts.  In only this way could you be absolutely certain that the required scenario would be perfectly accomplished in the required manner.

Because news media is often fakery, newscasters cannot challenge their own news/video feeds being played over the air, by people throwing switches in the control room.  "Normal" news fakery is often done, simply to give viewers an enhanced view of the news.  It cannot be let out that this is done because the media would lose it's credibility.  But, to say that something must be so, because it was seen on tv,  is ridiculous in the extreme. Many things seen in movies and on television are fake, but seem real.  The viewers only clue in many cases, as to what to believe or not, is the context it is given.  Thus, if you are watching a movie or story,  you know that it's special effects.  If it's presented as news, however,  you would have no way to know that what you are seeing is either special effects or real live footage.  Only later analysis can reveal the differences between the real and the false, and sometimes not even then.

But this was a massive project with too many components to make them mesh seamlessly,  so there are a plethora of artifacts that give the mission away.  Artifacts that would not be there if all of these things had taken place for real. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

And Now In the Center Ring: "Gas Lighting" 9-11

See: Gaslighting - Wikipedia

They've had to use every trick in the book to keep the truth hidden from view.  As a sometimes fan of murder mysteries, myself and others, are aware of the various means and methods that perps use in their attempts to cover their tracks.  Although we enjoy our entertainment, we don't go looking to see if any of the techniques have names.  Well this one does and if I'm not mistaken, I'd guess that there are many more names for some of the techniques, used by perps and/or criminals to cover up their incriminating activities,  that someone has witnessed, by suggesting they are either mistaken or losing their mind.

As if it wasn't vexing enough to see the policeman come onto a scene, where the victim had been shot two or three times in the head, and declare it a suicide. Okay,  probably nothing that grossly wrong,  yet something close to it, ignoring obvious clues etc., to arrive at an almost insane conclusion.  As if, you know: no criminal would ever even think of trying to re-arrange the evidence, so as to conceal their own culpability and, where possible, shift the blame onto someone else. And while you might think that only happens in movies, plays and novels.  If you read newspapers and books of real life accounts/investigations, you quickly arrive at a view that these kinds of things are more common than you would have believed possible.

Hardly a wonder then, that people well read in the criminal arts, are not surprised to see people wrongfully convicted, despite glaring flaws in the evidence/testimony/timelines/etc.  In cases, worthy of little public note, the officials have the last word on what to believe had taken place.  While jurors of little experience, simply take the word for the matters as presented in court, and unless there's some very glaring contradiction,  they are given to simply give their own approval of the official version.  Of course, if you question that, then I suggest you go to "The Innocence Project" and read some of the case files of cases they've overturned.  

So then, that's how the well read crimes/murder story aficionados, saw 911 from the start.  They approached the matter as a mystery waiting to be solved.  From that perspective, I'll guess that you can just imagine what was going through their minds as evidence began to disappear quickly without examination.  Or when a perpetrator was named before one piece of hard evidence had been obtained, let alone examined.  But there were real victims who did die that day and a nation grieving for them, is in no condition to join in any real sift through the evidence.  Emotions ran hot and tempers were stroked to fury,  then pointed towards the accused.  While any attempt to call attention to any inconsistencies were branded "conspiracy theories",  as if no conspiracy was needed to perpetuate the crime.  "Funny" that, eh?  Worse yet, more people than not believed this to be a proper course to follow; accuse>>punish and done!  No time for all those noble words and high ideals set forth in our own beloved Constitution.  Once again, the very idea that a criminal might seek to conceal their own guilt and put blame on someone else,  we were told, was unthinkable and unAmerican.

 Could our own government be capable of such a thing?  Well, some very powerful people in very high places of trust, honor and power in our gov't, formulated, proposed and submitted for the Presidents approval of exactly that same thing,  under the title of "Operation Northwood" And while the President rejected the proposal, I don't think for a minute it would have been either created or offered, if there was no belief that it could be accepted at all.  I mean, who would do so much work on a project, they believed was just too far and away objectionable, that it had absolutely no chance of being approved?  

Worse, of course, is the postscript, that General Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  under whose authority and signature the plan was sent to the President, was simply reassigned to NATO, where Operation Gladio was underway. (Google for it-- it's an eye opener itself.).

So here we are, in the aftermath of 911, plane parts,  absent in the early pictures of the debris fields, begin to appear in photos in earnest. An engine on Murry Street that turned out to be from a 747 engine, made by General Electric, while United Airlines used Pratt & Whitney engines.  Yet fingers are pointed and stories written about how that engine is seen exiting the north face of the south tower and coursing through the air over to land on Murry and Church streets where it is found.  How many people bothered to read the follow up conclusions that this engine,  cited more than a few times as proof positive of flight 175 crashing into the south tower,  could not have come from that plane?

Then there's that five window segment of fuselage,  pictured to have fallen to the ground intact between the towers.  But consider this: The planes both went completely inside the towers, no parts are seen to exit either one. Then realize that everything inside those two towers was pulverized to dust.  Acres of steel floor pans, on which rested 4 inch thick concrete slabs, and held up by floor trusses, hundreds of them, all turned to dust.  Along with hundred of bodies blown to bits, and big commercial copiers, desks, chairs, computers, computer screens and tv's, as well as hundreds of file cabinets, all missing from the debris piles. Not a safe was recovered, there had to be a few safes on the site for storing valuables and sensitive documents etc.  Where are they?  Yet some unidentifiable plane parts survived?  Who writes this stuff?  But no, it's "gas lighting".  Giving the unsophisticated something to point to and talk up.

Want to see gas lighting in action?  Listen to the debunkers go on about how easy it is to use the auto pilot. "Just punch in JFK and the plane flies to JFK, then take over from there", or a statement to that effect.  If you go to Youtube and search for "flight management system" which is what the auto pilot is actually named,  you'll find out that it's not as easy as what the debunkers are trying to tell you.  First there's the means of programming the darned thing, even experience pilots will tell you requires a good bit of training to learn to do.  Second, you'll learn that it requires a four digit code to select a destination airport.  See if you can figure out where and/or how to enter that code, and it gets even worse. 

If you change the destination in the flight management system (FMS) you'll also need to give it your location in latitude and longitude.  You see, the FMS works by selecting way points,  pre-set radio positions to fly to along the selected route.  So, to select the proper set of way points to get you from where you are at present, to JFK, the FMS needs to know your present location, otherwise it can't know which way points to select to get you there.  Does anyone think these poor pilots could actually determine their latitude and longitude and enter it into the FMS?  Even worse yet is, if they could have,  the course the air crafts are supposed to have flown, were not routes or maneuvers that the FMS would have used at all, meaning that the FMS systems were not being used at all.  

But, of course, it's all part of gas lighting the public's unsophisticated members.  Those who have no knowledge of the details involved, and won't bother to look at them,  will find the debunkers explanations easy to believe are true.  While even a cursory look beneath the surface of these claims, reveals a totally different story,  one that cannot possibly be true.  

Real airline pilots know that it's incredibly difficult to fly these big heavy aircraft by hand.  That's why the FMS is provided.  While hand flying a heavy, it requires the efforts of two trained pilots to monitor all the instruments and keep the flight stable.  Pilots say that hand flying these planes for more than ten or so minutes is extremely exhausting work, which is left to the FMS as much as possible, with the pilots doing takeoffs and landings.  These planes are very fragile, they are built to be light to save on fuel and fly fast. They are to be kept to within gravity loads of 2 to 3 g's (the force of gravity), although they can survive, perhaps as much as 4 to 5 g's,  they can't do so for very long.  

Do you find it odd that none of the physics pro's on the truth sites, don't bother to calculate the impact forces in g loads on the planes?  With a plane, not being able to withstand more than 700 lbs/square foot without being damaged, and with the steel box columns of the building requiring forces in the range of 12,000 lbs/per square inch to break,  it's hard to imagine a plane going completely inside a tower without breaking apart at all,  which is what the videos show.  So, to gas light you on this issue,  you will be told that water can cut steel, and that hurricanes can put straws through trees and cardboard through walls.  None of which is true if you look into it.  Of course, we've all heard such stories,  so if you don't look, maybe it sounds like it could be true, and so you have been gas lighted.  Given pause to doubt the truth.


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Trump Exposes Bush Bin Laden 9/11 Connection


Bannon Makes Stunning Threat to Media: We're Going to Make It Worse for You Every Day @alternet

Bannon Makes Stunning Threat to Media: We're Going to Make It Worse for You Every Day @alternet: Bannon doesn't want to change the media. He wants to totally dismantle the media. On Thursday, during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon shockingly admitted Donald Trump’s goal (Bannon’s goal) in appointing new precarious cabinet members to head protective government agencies like the EPA — is to dismantle and “deconstruct” those organizations altogether. You can read that Daily Kos story by Dartagnan here.

White House Bars Spate of Outlets from Press Briefing @alternet

White House Bars Spate of Outlets from Press Briefing @alternet: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and several others were all denied access. The Trump administration continued its steep descent into authoritarianism Friday as several news outlets, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico and Buzzfeed among others, were barred from attending a meeting with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

GOP Congressman Warns of Mexican Marijuana Nukes @alternet

GOP Congressman Warns of Mexican Marijuana Nukes @alternet: And it wasn't even Louie Gohmert or Steve King. An Arizona Republican congressman has defended the notion of building a border wall by claiming it could prevent a nuclear weapon being smuggled into the United States concealed in a bale of marijuana.Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) made the comments Wednesday in a discussion with CNN's Brianna Keilar about President Trump's proposed $21 billion border barrier.

9/11: The Great Illusion by George Humphrey (FULL)

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Milo Yiannopoulos - PaulsEgo - TheAmazingAtheist - and More! DPP #193

Vandals Desecrate Dozens of Headstones in St. Louis Jewish Cemetery @alternet

Vandals Desecrate Dozens of Headstones in St. Louis Jewish Cemetery @alternet: Police have not ruled out treating the damage as a hate crime. Dozens of headstones in a Jewish cemetery in Missouri have been toppled in what the state governor described as an “act of desecration” amid growing concern about a US-wide rise in antisemitism.More than 100 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery in St Louis were damaged or knocked in Monday’s attack.Police say they have not ruled out treating the damage as a hate crime. Lt Fredrick Lemons said investigators were looking at surveillance camera footage to help determine who had pushed over the headstones.

Sean Spicer Snaps After Anne Frank Center Rips Trump @alternet

Sean Spicer Snaps After Anne Frank Center Rips Trump @alternet: The White House brooks no criticism of its response to the growing number of anti-Semitic attacks across the U.S. After weeks of public pressure, Donald Trump finally acknowledged the anti-Semitism that has exploded across the country since he was elected president. For Stephen Goldstein, executive director for The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, Tuesday's statement was far too little, far too late.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey

Police: KKK Grand Wizard Shot, Wife And Stepson Arrested In Missouri | Crooks and Liars

Police: KKK Grand Wizard Shot, Wife And Stepson Arrested In Missouri | Crooks and Liars

KKK Grand Wizard Frank Ancona was found dead by a Missouri river on Sunday after his son reported him missing. Now his wife and stepson have been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Truly, this is a weird story.

This story should sever to show you just how sick and insane supremacist are.  Several days of planning this murder, to conceal the perpetrators of a capital crime, produced a plan that would not fool an elementary school child.  Yet, they went through with it anyway!  This is because their inanity would not let them see the flaws.  I'll guess that the GW could have figured out he was a target, because these fools were so stupid, but he also could not see it through the clouds of his own insanity.

Make no mistake, supremacist are incredibly dangerous people,  not just to "others" but to themselves, as this story illustrates.  Some may mask their insanity with varying degrees of learned social skills, but the very idea that they are something special by race, creed or religion etc., such that "others" can or should be done away with, is the height of psychopathic insanity.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

As White House Spirals Into Crisis, What Will Congress Do? GOP Leaders Face Unhappy Choice @alternet

As White House Spirals Into Crisis, What Will Congress Do? GOP Leaders Face Unhappy Choice @alternet: As Trump's White House implodes, congressional Republicans must confront a dilemma: their country or their agenda.

There Is a Growing Movement Across the Legal Community to Plan a Nationwide Walkout Against Trump @alternet

There Is a Growing Movement Across the Legal Community to Plan a Nationwide Walkout Against Trump @alternet: Legal professionals are throwing their weight behind Friday's call for a mass strike.

A United States of Hate Has Exploded Under Trump @alternet

A United States of Hate Has Exploded Under Trump @alternet: The Trump administration has ripped the lid off a Pandora’s Box of racial, right-wing hate as the Southern Poverty Law Center reveals

Why Stephen Miller Comes Off as a D*ck @alternet

Why Stephen Miller Comes Off as a D*ck @alternet: Trump's messenger is like all the most unlikable know-it-alls you've ever met all rolled up into one.

Momentum Grows for a General Strike: Will Various Groups Come Together? @alternet

Momentum Grows for a General Strike: Will Various Groups Come Together? @alternet: As demonstrations multiply, some say it's time to withhold labor.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

9/11 - What Happened to the Passengers?

9/11: Ted & Barbara Olson / Fake Victim Mysteries

The so called "Debunkers" are Bonkers...

The "Debunkers" are bonkers... They believe that because they can make assertions those assertions are true. Oh yeah, I've spoken to experts and they say that if I ride a unicorn to the end of a rainbow I can get the Leprechauns pot of gold. SMH "All the hijackers had to do is punch in JFK and the plane flies to JFK". They have no idea what they're talking about. In the search box above put in "flight management system" which is what the "auto-pilot" is actually named. In one of these videos you'll learn that an airports code is a four digit code, not a three digit one. In another video you'll learn that, because the flight management system flies the plane to a destination using "way points", you have to be able to tell the unit where your starting point is, which in this case would be the location where you are changing the destination. So, before you can punch in the four digit code, you have to enter your present latitude and longitude. Pilots will get these numbers from the control tower. The FMS will pick up the lat/long automatically only when you are at your assigned airport boarding gate. Any other time and place it has to be discovered/determined and entered. Once you see the FMS system pad, you'll realize it takes quite a bit of training to learn how to operate it, hardly something a poor student is going to be able to grasp in a few minutes or retain over many months without constant practice. So serious these debunkers, they're actually little more than self deluded clowns.

Back in the days before the internet, we used to go to places like Washington Square Park and hang out by the fountain.  While there discussions would start about various matters. People would gather around and listen to people discussing various subjects and move from group to group until they found a discussion that interested them.  When a speaker had made their point,  you could ask questions or take the other side etc.  Thinking back, I'm really amazed at how civil these discussions and debates were.  Even when issues were being hotly debated,  the discussions remained civil. The "crowd" would not tolerate anyone cutting a speaker off,  nor would they simply swallow fabrications,  there was always someone there who knew enough to enlighten.

In such a format these debunkers wouldn't last five minutes before they'd have to slink away in shame. Because they couldn't "preach to the choir", and when answers were called for, you either had them or you didn't.  If you made things up you were gently but firmly called out on it by a murmur of assent or disapproval from the group of listeners and, of course, asked more questions and to explain your answers. But the greatest lesson you learned from speaking in the park was that, you never, ever need to fear the public, because they are decidedly civil and they adhere firmly to a sense of fairness. An error or two does not disqualify a speaker, only his insistence on things that don't make sense and a dogged unwillingness to drop it, turns people away.  They don't fight or scream, they just move away and form another group several feet away. If the miscreant tries to join the new group, he's not welcomed and everyone remains quiet until he leaves.  It was just that simple. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The FBI Has Quietly Investigated White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

By Alice Speri, The Intercept
31 January 17
Bureau policies have been crafted to take into account the active presence of domestic extremists in U.S. police departments.
hite supremacists and other domestic extremists maintain an active presence in U.S. police departments and other law enforcement agencies. A striking reference to that conclusion, notable for its confidence and the policy prescriptions that accompany it, appears in a classified FBI Counterterrorism Policy Guide from April 2015, obtained by The Intercept. The guide, which details the process by which the FBI enters individuals on a terrorism watchlist, the Known or Suspected Terrorist File, notes that “domestic terrorism investigations focused on militia extremists, white supremacist extremists, and sovereign citizen extremists often have identified active links to law enforcement officers,” and explains in some detail how bureau policies have been crafted to take this infiltration into account.

Although these right-wing extremists have posed a growing threat for years, federal investigators have been reluctant to publicly address that threat or to point out the movement’s longstanding strategy of infiltrating the law enforcement community.

No centralized recruitment process or set of national standards exists for the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, many of which have deep historical connections to racist ideologies. As a result, state and local police as well as sheriff’s departments present ample opportunities for white supremacists and other right-wing extremists looking to expand their power base. READ MORE

Trump Humiliated After ‘Bill Nye The Science Guy’ Explains Why He Is An ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No Planes on 9/11 by Gary Jones Remastered

911 Problems

As if there weren't enough problems with the official story, here are two more that debunkers with probably not bother to answer:

1.  At Portland Airport on 911, there's a CCTV of Atta and Al-Omari passing from the ticket counter, ostensibly headed for the flight to Boston.  The trouble with this film is, Al-Omari isn't there! He is at home in Saud Arabia.  When he is found alive, some weeks later, he has no knowledge of making this trip.  So then, this video is obviously fake.  Al-Omari did not accompany Atta at Portland airport on 911.
2. The black box found at the Pentagon comes from an aircraft that the data shows flew over the Pentagon.  It only appears to fly into the Pentagon because the data shows air pressure data from a setting pilots use at over 8,000 feet.  When the data is corrected for the proper setting, the altitude is 450 feet, high over the 75 foot high Pentagon.  This means that the black box had to have been taken from that plane and carried back to the Pentagon and planted.