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9/11, The Hijackers

NEWLY RELEASED! 9-11 WTC September 11 2001 Raw FAA ATC Air Traffic Control Audio Tapes 911

Uploaded on Sep 8, 2011
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New ATC FAA 9-11 WTC Audio Files Released.
This contains raw 9-11 ATC audio recordings from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) and American Airlines from the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. The recordings, some of which have been published previously, are being released in a multimedia report put together originally to be part of the Sept. 11 Commission's 2004 report.

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money - Published on Sep 11, 2015


11 Critical Questions About Sept 11 Still Left Unanswered

The Problem 911 for Truth movements face

The biggest problem that 911 truth movement faces is that they have been unable to gain a constituency of officials, office holders and lawmakers to champion their cause. No group of senators or representatives, sufficient to push the case has appeared despite the mass of evidence collected.

Since politics in the U.S. are mostly controlled by localities, representatives are elected by people in local congressional districts and Senators by state wide elections, any hope of succeeding would mean penetrating many of these districts and convincing the voters of each to vote in favor of the issues involved, making it a very serious political issue.  One that had to be addressed if one was to gain office. Because unless and until that happens the issues can be safely ignored by officials.

CIA Insider Tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!

16 DISTURBING 9/11 Facts the Masses NEED to Know - Part 3

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Top 10 Reasons To Believe There Was A Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK

In case anyone wonders why there was no public outcry over these anomalies, in the years following the event, most material does not mention that the backdrop was a very dangerous cold war that the public had reason to fear could turn hot.

In the overall, people were given to weighing their desire to know more, with the fear of discovering a communist plot and the nuclear holocaust that might ensue on that account. Talk about your cognitive dissonance. So, the fact that the "investigation" was steering away from Russian complicity, was something few if any would want to tamper with. If the authorities did discover U.S.S.R. hands covered with this blood, it was hoped that some way, other than nuclear war, would be found to make them pay.

Torn between fear of nuclear war and the desire to know more, had the nation treading on eggshells. While some were pointing out the contraindications of the Warren Report etc., John Q. Public kept quiet, even if they did take notice.

Of course it would have been inappropriate to give voice to such fears in the wake of the assignation and so nobody would or did discuss it. But you could not help but wonder if this was going to be the cause for the way the world would end.