Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Let's not be simplistic about 911

The JFK generation has passed.  They had no "gotcha's" sufficient to gain traction with and grow a ground swell of public opinion.  There were more people just willing to forget that horrible chapter, than who saw any good reason to revisit it with the evidence in such a state of controversiality, as it were.

911 is different in the respect that clear and overt actions were demonstrably predicated upon it.  Actions which to this day reverberate and resonate with the American public conscious. The Patriots Act, the NDAA, the torture, the tremendous and appalling consequences of two victimized nations.  Less the ill treatment of "truthers" the "suicides" the deaths and the outrageous lies.  The unfavorable turning of the world court of public opinion is not in accords with America's stated goals etc.. These are the things that are going to keep the pot boiling for a much longer time. 

Yet, the only solution possible will have to be a political solution and that requires a very highly motivated and cohesive ground swell of public opinion, of such magnitude and scope that it cannot be ignored.  This is why the culprits are hiding behind the last shreds of their weapons; confusion. denial and fear, with threats to silence anyone whose persona might crystallize public opinion any time soon.

If a military man or public official doesn't tow the line, for lack of fear for his own life, then he'll have to face the fear for his family and loved ones.  Palfrey and Champagne for example, might have thought it would simply be enough to come forward with their evidence.  They now stand as a marked example of the quandary any evidence holder might logically have: "To whom do I go with this material?"  The media won't touch it, Congress is cowed, and the landscape is riddled with people who would see any such effort subverted.

I am sure, for example, that many more people than just David Hanschu had taken photo or videos of no plane striking the south tower.  I'm just as sure that people who had such evidence rushed, either to the media or the FBI with their shocking new evidence.  If so, it was collected and will never again see the light of day.  Smarter people would know to be extremely circumspect about even letting it be known that such evidence even exists, since it represents a grave and serious danger to themselves and their loved ones. Only with the outrage rises to cacophony of a deafening din will the time be ripe for disclosures.

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