Tuesday, September 6, 2016

So much material missing....

Where Did The Towers Go? A Presentation by Dr. Judy Wood Part 2 of 2 


Let's see:  Each side of the towers is 16 "wheat chex" wide by 33 or so high = that's 528 wheat chex units per side.  Now we know they blew outwards because the concrete dust could not leave the towers until the outer walls had left.  Okay,  look down at the photos of Vesey street and see how many of these wheat chex you can find there.  400?  300? How about 100?  No?  Then what about 50?  Can you find 50 of them laying at ground level or on the street at the north side?  10 maybe? 

How about, on all 8 sides of the towers there were 4224 of these wheat chex.  We're told that gravity pulled them down to street level when the steel supports that held them melted.  So where are they? 

As if that weren't bad enough,  there's 47 core columns.  These were broken into 30 foot sections so that would put some 1551 core column sections on the ground for each tower.  As you look through the videos and archived photos,  you probably won't find many of those either.  What most people talk about is the missing concrete, barely even mentioning the fact that those 4 inch conrete slabs, an acre in size,  were resting on coregated steel floor pans, which,  in turn,  were resting on a grid of cross braced floor trusses.  Keep an eye out on the videos and whatever pictures you find on the websites and archives,  see if you can find any of this missing material.
In a video a flight controller calling NORAD tells then to look for AA11 heading south just west of Albany.  NORAD responds: "I don't see it!".  The controller says "That's because of those war games (or something to that effect)", to which the NORAD replies: "I'm looking at real world and there's nothing there!"  That tells us that NORAD cannot be confused by false inputs, because they can switch in and out of real world/war games.  Flt AA 11 would have been at about 28,000 feet at that point, so there's no reason why NORAD would not be abl4e to see any real aircraft if it existed.  Remember, these are expert radar personnel.  So, if the flight is there, it's primary radar return is there.

This is the same problem we have with the Pentagon, the flight controllers can see the plane but NORAD can't find it on their real world view.  Yet, Cheney is being advised of the planes location with updates, that can only be via the NORAD system, because they're both using the same system.

This is yet another reason why no planes could be used,  if they were then NORAD and their fighter/interceptors would be able to see them and accomplish the intercepts. They cannot be stood down!  So, the only option is not use real planes and fashion pretend scenarios around the fake planes being there.

So, you might say,  why did they bother calling NORAD at all?  Couldn't they just fake those calls?  Not really, you see all calls to NORAD  are logged.  If you want to claim that you had called NORAD,  you had better have a call on their log of sufficient time length to match your story.  Which is why they had to engage in what becomes that tell tale exchange.
Nest there's Judy Wood's claim of molecular disassociation.

I've reviewed several of the videos where they play the towers destruction over and over again. Here's what I found:

If you keep looking closely at each object that ejects from the towers,  keeping a close watch on the density of the dust cloud behind them,  you will find a piece that starts out emitting an opaque dust trail then, as it falls the trail becomes less and less dense.  Just when you think that it's trail will be dust free in another second or two,  it starts up again, emitting a dense dust trail again.  This confirms Dr. Wood's observations that these particles are not merely trailing dust wakes but are, in fact, actually emitting the dust that we see.  But these are steel members, no amount of heat or pressure will cause steel to emit dust.

CONCLUSION: Dr. Wood's observations are properly supported by the evidence.

Sunday, September 4, 2016