Sunday, August 28, 2016

What we've learned so far...

We heard from Dr. Judy Wood and then we heard her being disparaged by a "truther" who actually did not lose his job, hey hey,  most who speak out on 911 do lose big time, so what's going on with this guy?  Well, we know that the "other side" finds it useful to control the opposition by creating their own opposition leaders etc..  So it's wise to keep an eye out for anomalies, where "truthers" are not paying the price that others are paying, eh?  After all,  they could be "authorized opponents", enough said.

Some guy uses software to track flight 175 across some 50 or 60 armature videos and pronounces them valid, while failing to note that the 41 g pull out of and impossible 500mph dive means that all of these videos are actually fake and he also fails to note that the same software that allowed him to confirm that all these flight paths are consistent, is the very same software that could be used to create this consistency across all the fake videos. Hmmmm... His "proof" that there were planes is that the gov't couldn't possibly have created 60 plus fake videos, ignoring the fact that what those videos portray is impossible.  I don't say who or what videos I'm talking about because if I do they'll scrub them.  Have no fear, if you keep looking at 911 videos you're going to see the ones I'm talking about.

Back to Dr. Judy Wood.  She points out that the debris streaming dust trails as they peel away from the buildings,  have to be disassociating in order to have trails like they do.  Now I've heard a professor say that to get nano size particles materials must be subjected to temperatures above their boiling point.  Remember that some professional examiners of WTC steel say that they observed "partially evaporated" steel beams.

Now do your own research but here's what to look for:  You see those "wheatchex" that peel away from the Vessey street side of WTC 1?  So Vessey street should be littered with wheatchex after WTC 1 came down,  but instead you find pictures of Vessey street, before WTC 7 came down, and the street is only covered with dust, no wheatchex.  The clean up had not even started so, where did the steel go?  The only plausible theory is that what we're watching as the building comes down, is the steel evaporating away and that's what's causing the dust trails following them.  By the time they should reach the ground they're gone.

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