Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oliver Stone - The Untold History of The US - Bush & Obama Age of Terror [Top Documentary Films]

9/11 Hijacker Body Found In Cockpit FOX Sept 13 2001

Uh huh, you didn't believe just how stupid they think the average person actually is,  to air this report you'd have to believe that everyone is nearly overdosed on drugs.  I mean just look at how the story is supposed to go now;  planes fully enters the buildings,  buildings explode into dust.  No furniture, file cabinets,  no bodies, concrete flooring,  steel floor pans,  thousands of steel trusses that supported the floors,  no toilets,  no sinks, no mirrors,  no tiles,  nothing but the largest steel members survive.  You can't even find a piece of the massive Hat Trusses.  Yet,  not only has a paper passport survived,  but a hijacker strapped into the captains chair and a flight attendant with her hands tied behind her back! 

Let's see. fake plane goes completely inside the building where everything gets turned to dust, bodies, furniture, concrete, steel, but a paper passport and a cockpit with a hijacker strapped into the pilots seat, somehow manages to survive in one piece? Who writes this stuff? Not to mention that all but one of the hijackers on flight 11 were found alive. So now the official story has to be that; one hijacker with a box cutter, overcame two combat trained pilots to take control of the plane. Then, without knowing how the plane was loaded, he managed to fly the heavy aircraft by hand to his destination, without being able to read a single instrument. I'll give a non-instrument rated pilot, about 5 minutes in the cockpit of a heavy before he has a serious problem on his hands, if he isn't experienced flying heavy aircraft the mission is doomed to failure in under 10 minutes.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LetsRoll guys on BBS 9-11 Hollow Towers Part 1

Now the "defund Israel" calls appear. Otherwise there's a few nuggets of good information/speculation here. I doubt the towers were hollowed out before 911,  but with so much missing from the debris pile who can really say?  All we can do is look at a variety of claims, in hope of finding one that makes the most sense.  Otherwise it's back to "free energy" ideas.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC

For those who ask:

"Why would the government fake crashing planes into the WTC towers and thereby also having to fake all the crash videos when it would be much easier for them to crash real planes into them?"

(Video: Hezarkhani)

Here is why they didn't use real planes to crash into the WTC and used TV fakery instead:


Why do most of Americans still think planes brought down the Twin Towers? Because to them, the official story of why the Towers collapsed was believable. Large aircraft loaded with lots of fuel crashed into the Towers at high speeds and penetrated inside before exploding thereby causing extensive internal damage. Then the resulting fire weakened the steel causing the top sections to collapse down thereby pulverizing the rest of the buildings. Then debris from the falling North Tower pelted the WTC 7 causing massive structural damage and causing it to catch fire and eventually collapse. READ MORE
My Comment on that blog:
This is largely what I've been saying all along. Once they realized that real planes would not do the damage they sought, because aircraft are damaged by 500 mph air at sea level, while steel box columns can survive air moving at more than 7,000 mph, it's clear that not only could the planes not do the needed damage, but their kerosene fuel explosions, moving air no more than 100 feet/second or 200 mph, could not even blow out windows.  So their only choice left was to use explosives and try to arrange them to look like aircraft damage results.

Once this is decided upon, drones and any other vehicles are ruled out, none of them come with the accuracy needed to match the strike points, on time, and at the right attitude.  Only CGI's could ensure that, so what3ver the risks they had to suck up and bear them.

Actually things worked out quite badly for them. But, their Brain people told them that wouldn't matter much because, most people would want to believe that their own gov't was good, "we are the good guys", and so they would reject the truth. Why?  Because they'd be overwhelmed with grief and that's a very poor time to choose to go all Sherlock!  Who goes to a wake with a theory about how the deceased may have died?  The answer, of course, is no one, so all they had to do was ensure that the "wake" lasted a very long time.  So, if they weren't upsetting you with terror alerts, or angering you with accusations, they were "honoring the Heroes" to keep the grieving alive and prolonging the wake.

David Icke - What Others Dare Not Say

Illuminati Exposed by Bill Schnoebelen I

In building a secret society, "compromise" is the name of the game.  Members and subsequent inductee's are initiated into the group by having them perform secret,  socially/personally unacceptable rituals.  Like homosexual acts, of which the new member will be ashamed of having revealed. At each step up in grade, the acts become more and more socially/personally unacceptable, leaving the doer ever more compromised.  Then,  to be promoted to the highest levels,  the acts they must perform will be increasingly, personally objectionable and eventually illegal.  Thus the member is beholden to the leadership not to have his/her secrets revealed.  This securely ensures secrecy and trust even when the most onerous tasks are to be performed. They perform even the most personally objectionable/illegal acts to reach the next grade up, having come so far, they are unwilling to forfeit advancement,  most especially in the eyes of their peers.

Even if they won't perform immediately, not a problem,  as they become increasingly aware of the benefits their refusal denies them,  they screw up their noses and relent,  as to tolerate a moments discomfit becomes preferable to being left behind while their peers advance.  Peer pressure is extremely powerful.

This "glue" ensures that members can trust other members,  so as members achieve higher status in society at large, they must bring in other members,  to ensure that inviolable trust will never be broken.  If one member must take a fall, the secret society will "catch" them and ensure the members survival.  The pervasiveness of a large secret society is incredibly difficult to beat.  Most especially in a nation of laws, where cases must be won on evidence and testimony,  which is easily compromised.  Thus the SS can call on a wide variety of members, in a wide variety of positions,  from police to politicians to bureaucrats, scholars, technicians, doctors, lawyers and lay people, to perform whatever task is asked of them.  All are compromised people, they have little choice but to rely on the knowledge that the SS will protect them from harm, loss of income, livelihood, career, credentials and the like and even from criminal actions brought against them.

These are truly super powerful people. Now speculate what would happen if such a secret society were to become infiltrated.  The entire apparatus would belong to the infiltrators.  These are the kinds of dangers that JFK was speaking about,  although he never got the chance to give it to us in so many words.

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