Wednesday, April 27, 2016


 The only way to see 911 clearly is, you have to use your imagination to take your self back to the planning table, before any actions were done.

In a scenario like that, if you realize that these are some pretty smart people around the table,  cooking up and presenting various scenarios and having them either knocked down or supported.  We know that the main thrust of any such planning would be centered on how to blame Islamic extremist.  These guys know that what they are planning is dangerous and therefore they had better do some research, to make sure that they've got their facts straight. A look at the PNAC documents signers reveals that these people have staff to help them.  The only thing they would not know is, whether or not their staff members would be able to guess what they were planning (more likely than not they would because they'd be present for many discussions, which, if not pointedly directed at the master plan,  they'd be so closely aligned with it, it would be hard to miss the point of it, given the mindset of the people involved.) so, I can easily theorize that even some insiders would see it as treasonous and,  might therefore, seek ways to sabotage the effort.  Of course, that need not always be the cause of misinformation being used in the creation of the plan.  Sometimes they'd just override "complications" thinking they could handle any questions some anomalies might call fourth.

So the brainstorming begins.  One proposal is a terrorist bombing,  perhaps of some major transportation hub. Another idea might be to bomb the Capitol. Back and forth the ideas and arguments would go.  Each idea has it's positives and negatives,  but they can only weakly connect the "terrorists" to the events, so they need something more.  Now there was the 92 bombing of the twin towers, but that failed to create the "New Pearl Harbor" being sought.  It is known by insiders that the Port Authority has a very big problem with the towers,  and wants to get rid of them somehow because of the asbestos abatement that would cost over a billion.  So the thinking would begin to gel around these "Icons" of New York and America.

So then, in the next stage, the thinking would turn to how to bring the towers down and be sure that the selected "terrorists" will be inextricably blamed.  This would be the point where the use of hijacked planes would take center stage. After all, a suicide mission is exactly what the public has been led to expect of Islamic Extremists for a very long time. So, they need one plane for each tower,  and so as to make the plan better, why not a few more planes?  Populated by suicidal terrorist hijackers,  with several high value targets in mind, you have the makings of the new Pearl Harbor being sought.  The meme that Islamic extremist, seeking their 72 virgins,  would be an easy sell in the U.S. if not the western world.

Let the planning begin, but keep in mind that whomever set the plan in motion, whether PNAC, OBL, or Mossad,  the requirements would be no different. 

Item 1:  They need to know how the towers are built, to know how best to take them down.

Item 2:  They need to know where to get Airliners and how to get the "perps" on board.
Item 3:  They need to know about flight plans and commercial flying in general.
Item 4:  They need to find an explosives detail, to augment the impact damage.
Item 5:  They need media control to sell whatever story they create.
Item 6:  They need to know about interception protocols.

So then, there is the initial list of items they must covertly research, even before they begin picking patsies and selecting a mastermind.  My guess would be that,  somewhere during the research for items 1 and 2,  they would begin to encounter problems.  They'd quickly learn that the buildings core columns must be severed somehow,  if the buildings were to be brought down and they'd also learn that real passenger aircraft are just too weak and flimsy to be expected to penetrate the towers much, if at all. But, that doesn't put a stop to the plan because there's just way too much of value riding on it. So what's needed are fixes for these problems.

The thinking would go;  since they're going to have to use explosives to bring down the towers,  why not use explosives to create the aircraft impact damage required?   All well and good, but that creates even more problems.  Any real aircraft to be used, would have to hit exactly the strike points on both towers, where the explosive created damage would appear.  Drones or missiles are ruled out because, they couldn't strike with the required precision, even an errors the size of a basketball court would be intolerable. Even worse,  a missile might be seen, photographed,  or have parts discovered in the debris pile, dooming the planners to "intense scrutiny" to say the least.  With OBL as the planner,  he could care less, but if the planners are on this side of the Atlantic, that could be a very real and serious problem.

The planners would be forced to decide that real planes could not be crashed into the towers, but the technology is there to make it appear that, that's exactly what had happened. Since studies have already shown that video evidence played on tv news programs,  can trump even what witnesses have seen with their own eyes.  Within minutes millions of viewers would see a plane crashing into a tower on "live" tv news,  their voices would easily drown out the few dozens of people who might say otherwise.  Coupled with the cognitive dissonance of national exceptionalism and there are few if any who would want to believe that their own government and/or insiders could have executed such a horrendous affair. That would "close the loop" and make doubting the official story, seem to be nothing short of anti-patriotic. Despite Americas long history of subjecting government offers to the intense scrutiny,  required to keep the nation free,  perps on this side of the Atlantic, if any, could count on being walled off from accusations by large numbers of people who need to believe in their government,  rather than search for the actual truth.  It puts us in a terrible quandary,  where even though we know that rogue operations/operatives,  will spring to life inside any organization given time, unless they are guarded against constantly.

In pre-war Germany, Hitler was given power,  he used it to suppress dissent.  As the oppositions voices went quiet, his taking of absolute power went unopposed, paving the way for a very nasty and sordid chapter in history costing 50 million people their lives.  Thus, the lesson of history is, no matter how painful or embarrassing or uncomfortable it might be,  we have to carefully examine government offers and hold it up to scrutiny,  for that is the only way to prevent rouges from eventually seizing powers of state to use as they damned well please.  They hide behind facades of "the acceptable", taking pains to appear patriotic, deeply religious, harmless and interested in doing good works,  all the while removing your rights and squelching dissent, punishing and removing the opposition, until there is no one left with the power to oppose them.   So, this then is the reason that these exercises of freedom of speech must be engaged and scrutiny applied every step of the way,  until we can be satisfied with the answers.  To do any less is to invite totalitarians to hold sway over us all.

All the while,  all we can do is hope the investigation leads away from our people,  and onto others,  that hope can't be allowed to divert attention away from the evidence, while people who stand in the way of the evidence do nothing to help. Who wants all this stuff to be true?  No one!  We all hope and pray that this is all some kind of mistake, some kind of misinterpretation of the facts.  Unfortunately,  just wanting it not to be true, doesn't make it false.  It only makes it more difficult to accept and more likely that we will reach for denial than face it,  work with it,  and reach for a just conclusion.  We'd much rather go on with our lives and hope this will all simply go away.  But,  believe me it won't just go away, what it will do is inform others of how much they too can get away with.  Friends will be wary of us, while enemies will use it to fashion insidious means of attacking us.  All while comfortable in the knowledge that they can count on us going into denial,  if only they fashion their transgressions correctly. 

False flags are nothing new,  only the name is new, taking after the worlds early sea faring days,  when pirates and buccaneers used false flags to gain the approach to merchant men on the seas before they could run away.  Once upon them, up went the Jolly Roger (skull and cross bones), much to the merchant mans dismay.  Before those seafaring days began there wasn't much need for false flags since simply lying would do.  In Caesars time,  when he became enamored of creating a republic,  where a rule of law gave even little people rights that nobles had to respect,  he was hated by people high born.  After all, why should little people have any say at all about their own affairs?  The Nobles knew that the little people never expected to have any rights.  So, they simply killed Caesar and then told the little people "You now have no rights!"  And it worked,  no one rose up,  they just went along with the program. 

The new leader simply spent the treasury,  then sought a war to replenish his coffers with loot,  or the spoils of war.  Such plans did not work well in the long run for a host of obvious reasons,  but with no leadership capable of governing, the empire soon fell apart.  Seems to me like we're on that same road today.  Most people probably wouldn't notice, because they'd expect disaster to happen quite quickly or not at all.  Nothing could be further from the truth,  decay and decent take time to mature.  So, if evil people, with no concern for the welfare of the citizens,  are back in power again,  I'd expect the outcome to be quite detestable once it begins to arrive. Just as history,  critical thinking and reason reveals that it should be.

That said, now back to the hunt.