Saturday, February 27, 2016

9/11 Key Evidence that Must be Explained - Dr Judy Wood

Why does Dr. Steven Jones Laugh about Dr. Judy Wood Losing her Job after 9/11?

Dr. Steven Jones - Nano Thermite [ 9/11 Truth Movement ]

Hmmm... "The Plane is 50 miles out..." Doesn't that imply that they knew where the plane was, where it was going and why something should be done about it? I mean, obviously the report is not that the plane is 50 miles from the airport. Nor is it about an aircraft that does not need to be watched. It is about "THE PLANE", not "A PLANE"  which Cheney acknowledges by assuring that the order still stands despite the fact that the plane is now near its target.  Cheney acknowledges that he is aware of "the plane" he doesn't ask any questions about it,  meaning it's a plane that he expected.