Friday, January 22, 2016

Dr Judy Wood interview - 911 Investigation

From memory,  I don't remember seeing much debris at the Oklahoma City bomb site?  Could that have been a test or trial run for 911? 

Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11

9/11 - WTC was a Directed Energy Weapon Target

While looking for examples of D.E.W's I'm coming across a lot of stuff that isn't peer reviewed or that has been duplicated by others.  The most likely reason why others can't obtain the same results as the initial experimenter is that the research or the results are being faked.  The scientific method says that,  if I can mix flour and mud and get wine,  then you should be able to do it as well,  following my instructions of course. 

Well, in any event,  we know that something very strange took place on 911, which means that we have yet to figure out what it was.

Directed Energy Technology

I've resisted this explanation up until now,  because it seemed just too oddball exotic.  Yet,  after reviewing the remaining lack of debris and this "dustification" Dr. Wood Speaks of,  there really isn't another choice of theories to explain it,  other than some quantum level phenomenon,  which,  of needs,  would seem very strange indeed,  since we have little to no contact with quantum mechanics. 

Dr. Judy Wood 9/11 Presentation, Breakthrough Energy Movement (Directed Energy Technology)