Sunday, October 2, 2016

911 Has proven to be more costly than it was worth to the perps

Before 911 JFK's speech on secret societies hardly grabbed anyone by the lapels, so to speak, much talk of Bilderbergs, Skull and Bones, the Trilateral Commission and such seem more the fare of "spiritualists" and persons who see conspiracy behind every rock.  In the information age they became known as the tin foil hat wearing brigades,  toiling against imagined CIA mind beams and such.  What evidence they were able to muster seemed weak and easily dismiss able.  With the advent of 911, however,  the nation and indeed the world was sent on a wild paper chase for answers.

In this search for answers,  the affairs of secret societies kept rearing their heads as many of the people connected in some way to 911,  appeared to have such affiliations.  As the numbers of connections grew larger the anecdotal evidence of these secret societies grew stronger and stronger, so that now they are way passed being anything dismiss able. 

The matter of central banks and what they do, was of little to no interest to most,  until "follow the money" dragged central banking affairs into the limelight.  So that now, with an aware audience seeking answers available,  writers of all stripes are racing to "mine" this rich new vein of ore.  So that soon these memberships will begin to tarnish the creds of the holders.  I was going to write much more, but something is telling me not to, so enough said for now.

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