Monday, September 19, 2016

They Are Deceiving You: The No Plane / Hologram / CGI Theory - John Lear, Judy Wood, DISINFO EXPOSED

There are quite a number of things wrong with this video.  Not the least of which is that skyjackers were supposed to have purchased tickets and flown on regularly scheduled, commercial airline flights.  Flight 175, therefore, has to be a normal airliner belonging to United Airlines, which uses Prat and Whitney engines,  so it doesn't matter what size plane it was, they all used Pratt and Whitney engines and certainly not the engines that GE uses to power 747's.

Next up is the fact that these steel box columns are not stand alone structural elements,  but they are backed by steel spandrel plates that stiffen them against compound forces like bending.  To break these columns you have to compress the steel on the front side while stretching the steel on the opposite side, the spandrel plates resists that, while the 4 inch concrete slabs, behind the spandrel plates offer increased resistance.

Modern Jetliners are built lighter and lighter, to save fuel, using more advanced materials. Airliners are built to handle forces in the range of 2.5 g's.  Although they can probably handle 4 to 5 g's for an extra margin of safety, they sustain damage when they do.  Have you seen the damage caused by bird strikes?  If not then search "bird strikes" on youtube.  Then remember these are soft 15 and 20 lbs birds.  Next, try to imagine what a 50 lb steel barbell strike would do.  Then try to imagine what a 1000 lb steel plate strike would do to an airliner.  Now realize that these steel box columns on 40 inch horizontal centers, backed by 52 inch steel spandrel plates and concrete slabs on 12 foot vertical centers, which present a structure weighing several hundred tons, would do to an aircraft that can just barely handle a bird strike or 3 to 5 g forces.

That John Lear has some crazy ideas, only goes to show he's not very scientific.  However, those ideas did not stop him from gaining proficiency at flight, nor did they prevent him from successfully piloting aircraft up to his retirement.  Rather, the fact that he speaks his mind, only shows that he is not controlled by peer pressure. And he does know about flight, having flown these aircraft for dozens of years.  So, while I won't trust what he knows about other things, I will trust what he knows about planes and flying.  To put things another way; would the idea that the surgeons knife is in the hands of a person who believes in a different god than you do, negate the fact that he can perform a surgery he is renowned for having performed many times?

The idea that there were planes must be preserved because that preserves the credibility of the media, so it can be used in the next false flag attack.  But, go back and look, NORAD, which is tasked with detecting and intercepting a nuclear attack, must not be prey to falsification and certainly not fake inputs from any American systems.  Cold War protocols were careful to include scenarios of moles inside our own military, working to sabotage our responses to a nuclear attack.  This is why NORAD could not be fooled by war games.  Yet, we note that, while FAA controllers could see the skyjacked planes, NORAD with it's real world screens could not.  Missiles or drones could not be under foreign control, thus, they would be the same effect as would explosives placed in the buildings. NORAD is using it's technology and can not detect any planes, but the EOC is suing crafted talk to create an image of a detected aircraft on it's way to a target.  Which is more logical to believe?  Plane or no plane?

Now watch these carefully crafted lies and see if you can spot the falsehoods being used:

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