Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fox News Live 9/11 15 years later

Published 9.16.2016 says it all.  A video just packed full of lies, untruths, fake video and inconsistencies when compared with the original reports released on 9/11.
How many can you spot?

Need help?  A man says he saw a body strapped into a passenger seat.  Well, in earlier news reports they said that the only bodies found were, one of the skyjackers strapped into the pilots seat, that's at the front of the plane, and a flight attendant with her hands tied behind her back.  Forgetting that the flight attendants were in the back of the planes and talking on phones.  Yeah, right, with their hands tied behind their back they're saying things like "I don't know but we may be being hijacked!" Ya think?

But, you see, they expect us not to remember the stories they told from one day to the next,  but they're tying themselves in knots trying to answer the questions being asked.  They're having to create answers that conflict with their earlier reports.  SMH

Wow, this thing is so packed with lies one could write a book just showing them, FBI, for example reports Olson's phone call from wife as lasting 0:00 minutes:seconds in documents submitted to trial of Zacariaa Moussoui (yeah I spelled it wrong no matter).  The media lies, officials lie, the President lies, the V.P. lies, the Sec. Def. lies, lies, lies and more lies. No wonder that evidence has been destroyed and everything else is classified.  Just what you'd expect if nothing was true!

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