Friday, July 8, 2016

Think of gold prices a a function of public trust...

Where you see there are two iterations of the same feature, the second one a larger version of the first. What do you guess the size of the third iteration of those features will be next?  The public,  worldwide may be  losing faith that elected officials can manage or govern effectively.  If such an assertion is true, then the next iteration will be shockingly enormous.

Looks to me like this climb is going to be a very big one. Gov't's have always made mistakes,  it's when there are no consequences for poor performance,  that people begin to wonder and lose faith.  After all,  inflation robs you of your work product.  When bad decisions waste the public treasury,  in the past, either taxes rose or wars ensued.  Today that has changed and the method of choice to replenish the treasury is inflation,  so as people see that bad work holds no consequences for public figures,  one can oly expect more bad decisions and therefore more inflation.  Just sayin. 

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