Saturday, July 16, 2016

7-16-16 Errata

Cheney in the Bunker with orders

Cheney is tracking "THE PLANE" from 50 miles out,  only his man has to be using the very same system that NORAD is using,  yet NORAD can't find the plane, even while air traffic controllers are following it on their scopes, NORAD send it's interceptors out over the Atlantic.  Meanwhile, nobody asks how it comes to be that Cheney has given orders about something no one in his adm., could imagine.  SMH

Silverstein and the towers with asbestos

Since no one could have imagined 911, one is given to wonder,  just what grand plan Silverstein had,  to abate the billion dollar liability he and his companies had just assumed.  I mean,  it's one thing to take over the towers on the cheap,  really quick and double the terrorist insurance,  but if the 911 attacks hadn't happened,  what good would all that have done?  So,  unless he had some grand plan to raise the billion needed to remove the asbestos,  all he had going for him and his companies was a hope that terrorists would somehow destroy the towers before the EPA declared them a health hazard and ordered them evacuated.  So,  he bet it all on a hope that,  something he couldn't imagine would happen.  What a way to do business eh?

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