Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Petition Wants U. S. Gov’t to ‘Do Something!’ Female Soldiers Get 25 Years…for Being Lesbian


*The mother of one of the two female soldiers who served seven years in Kuwait have filed a petition on asking president Obama and the United States government to intervene on a sentence carried out against their daughters: Monique Coverson and her partner, Larissa.
The petitioners suspect the women were targeted because they are lesbians
The two women lived an openly gay lifestyle during the years they served in the U. S. Army in Kuwait. When their service ended, the two were even able to get jobs as military contractors and returned to the Middle East to work in Kuwait.
But according to Jasmine Coverson, Monique’s mother, things changed on the morning of May 8, 2015.
The women’s house was raided and police confiscated one ounce of a “tobacco-like” substance. It was sent to a lab in Germany for analysis, and it was determined to be a substance that is completely legal in Kuwait. READ MORE

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