Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Excellent Book Confirms Official Hijacker Story a Sloppily Crafted Myth

From Amazon:
Hijacking America's Mind on 9/11: Counterfeiting Evidence
by Elias Davidsson

A large body of literature discusses the preplanned destruction of the Twin Towers and of WTC Nr.7, while mainstream media have extensively reported about the reluctance of the Bush administration to investigate 9/11, the destruction of criminal evidence from Ground Zero and other facts suggesting a government cover-up. But they all stopped short of connecting the dots.

 Four features distinguish Davidsson's book from the rest. He provides:

- The definite (or ultimate) demonstration that there is no evidence of Muslim hijackers
- Evidence that at least two of the four aircraft were still airborne after the alleged crash time
- The most exacting and comprehensive analysis of the phone calls said to have been made from the aircraft

- The presentation of a theory regarding the nature of the phone calls READ MORE

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