Thursday, December 24, 2015

Revised Omission report

(revised edition)

    To conserve precious funds we looked only at things we expected to find,  therefore,  if we did not expect to find something,  for example "bombs" we didn't bother to look.  Also,  we note that many are dissatisfied with our investigation. Thus we must remind our readers that we were set up to fail,  many of the people who might have been suspects, are in control of our committee,  thus,  we are forced to direct our attention to the matters they put before us and/or allow us to probe.  For example, if a bank robber were to be put in control of his or her trial, as you would expect, eyewitness testimony would not be allowed,  among other things. 

The above considerations aside though,  we have produced a rather believable body of work,  as judged by public opinion to date.  This is partially due to our scrupulous attention to the materials provided to us by the various television organizations who aired the evidence live.  However,  that is not to say that no contradictory evidence exists,  but that,  to preserve the believe-ability of our work, such material was excluded from our studies.

Thus we have concluded that, soft aluminum winged planes,  moving at speeds above their design limitations, easily sliced holes depicting their own silhouettes, into the softer steel and concrete of the towers.  Then the fires that ensued, fed by burning jet fuel and office furniture,  softened millions of tons of concrete in the buildings and melted the steel, causing the buildings to collapse at free fall speeds. 

Our examination of television footage, bears out our conclusions.  We ask that you place your faith and belief in what you saw on T..V..  The fact that 10 of the listed hijackers are still alive, has no impact whatsoever on our reports,  since we did not look for any hijackers,  because we had no reason to suspect that they could have survived.  Obviously nothing,  but nothing on board those aircraft,  could have survived that terrible inferno, excepting only the passports,  drivers licenses and head scarfs of the hijackers,  who would, most likely, have arranged for these clues to be found at the crash sites,  as a signature of having successfully accomplished their terrible deeds.  We guessed that they must have somehow opened a window and threw these items out,  in the moments before impact.

These were 19 deeply religious fanatics who used drugs, drank liquor and patronized strip clubs, hired hookers and spent money like sailors on leave, as part of their cover.  Although these hijackers could not fly small aircraft, heavy jets with their new technology are so easy to fly, it is wondered by some on this committee,  why airlines even bother to train pilots.  There are plans under discussions to allow drunken bipolar pilots to fly passenger aircraft, such is the state of the art.

While much has been made of WTC 7, which collapsed due to isolated pools of intense fire and building damage,  because it exhibits a small period of free fall speeds.  We do not attach any significant meaning to such claims,  since falling buildings are expected to fall at the rate of free fall.  Thus there is nothing of useful import to be gained by looking further into this matter.  Additionally,  there was no need to look for evidence of bombs or thermitic material in the debris pile, since we have heard no claims of any such evidence.  We are not saying that such claims do not exist, but only that we haven't heard them, because they were of so little impact on our work, the committee's leadership correctly decided not to allow such, obviously frivolous testimony, to take up our valuable time.

Thus we conclude that Osama Bin Laden and his band of terrorists,  planned to take maximum advantage of the many war games scheduled for that day,  knowing that they would include the unthinkable act of crashing airliners into buildings,  to generate such confusion that NORAD and other defense systems would be unable to react effectively.  In fact,  we have determined that his plans and methodology of operations have proved so effective,  we are writing a proposal that the Pentagon,  NORAD and other civil defense organizations,  be moved to occupy caves in Afghanistan, to increase their effectiveness.

Yours Very Truly
The 911 Omission Committee

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