Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hallelujah! I Have Another FBI File! The Next Round Is On Me, Boys!

Well, kiddos, it appears that the FBI has been spying on “environmental extremists” in Houston, Texas. And the definition of environmental extremist is people who oppose the Keystone pipeline.
I am not kidding.
Internal agency documents show for the first time how FBI agents have been closely monitoring anti-Keystone activists, in violation of guidelines designed to prevent the agency from becoming unduly involved in sensitive political issues.The documents reveal that one FBI investigation, run from its Houston field office, amounted to “substantial non-compliance” of Department of Justice rules that govern how the agency should handle sensitive matters.One FBI memo, which set out the rationale for investigating campaigners in the Houston area, touted the economic advantages of the pipeline while labelling its opponents “environmental extremists”. READ MORE

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