Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dinesh D'Souza Wants A Little Summer Break From His Jail Sentence

Wow, it takes some nerve for Dinesh D'Souza to step up and ask the judge if he can have a teeny weeny break from the hard work of spending his nights in a federal detention facility and his public service during the day. Nevertheless, he tried.

But when D’Souza — the maker of the anti-President Obama film “2016: Obama’s America” — tried to take a summer vacation from his sentence at the Mater Dei School, Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman sarcastically rejected his request.

“With respect to [his parole officer’s ] request that Mr. D’Souza’s community service hours be ‘waived’ from June 1, 2015 until July 13, 2015, the request is respectfully denied,” Berman wrote.
“The short explanation is, as all criminal defendants are aware, that we don’t provide ‘summer breaks’ in these circumstances.”  READ MORE

Berman also wrote that he is confident that the Catholic high school “is not the only appropriate venue for community service in San Diego” and asked D’Souza to find somewhere else to volunteer.
D’Souza’s parole officer had included with the “summer vacation” request a recent Vanity Fair article about D’Souza — but the judge was unimpressed.

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