Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cartoonist Dan Perkins (aka Tom Tomorrow) announced as Pulitzer finalist for 'This Modern World'

The Pulitzer Prize committee has announced that Dan Perkins, whose brilliant cartoon "This Modern World" with its often serrated humor appears Mondays at Daily Kos, is a finalist in this year's Editorial Cartooning category. It's a belated honor for Perkins, who began the cartoon 25 years ago in the Processed World, a magazine about the digital age from the standpoint of office workers. It was later picked up by alternative weeklies such as the San Diego Reader and the SF Weekly. It has since been syndicated in scores of newspapers.

The other finalist this year is Kevin Kallaugher of the Baltimore Sun. The Pulitzer winner is Adam Zyglis, the staff editorial cartoonist for The Buffalo News.

In its notice, the committee said Perkins's cartoons "create an alternate universe—an America frozen in time whose chorus of conventional wisdom is at odds with current reality."

Perkins is also responsible for putting together the Daily Kos comics page. Of the news, Markos Moulitsas said:  READ MORE

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