Monday, March 16, 2015

Disgraced judge and prosecutor Ronald Brockmeyer has resigned in majority of his Ferguson roles

A city council member raised concerns about Brockmeyer three years ago, saying he didn't listen to testimony, review reports, or allow witnesses to testify, and suggested that Brockmeyer not be reappointed. Shaw acknowledged Brockmeyer's work had issues, but said, “It goes without saying the city cannot afford to lose any efficiency in our courts, nor experience any decrease in our fines and forfeitures,” Shaw said.
The word has been out on James Shaw for years, but he truly made Ferguson and its surrounding towns so much money that it was an offer they couldn't refuse. In addition to being the lone municipal judge in Ferguson, Ronald Brockmeyer was paid separately to serve as a judge and prosecutor in four other municipalities, including lead prosecutor for Florissant, municipal prosecutor for Vinita Park, municipal prosecutor for Dellwood, and municipal judge for Breckenridge Hills

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